Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Foxy

Dear Foxy,
My OWL is big. Really big. I don’t think I can finish in time! Should I just give up now?

::Foxy gets out white and white pompoms::
::attaches jingle tail-cuff to tail::
::Go, you clever Hogwarts Housies!::
::Catch ‘em spideys! Catch ‘em mousies!::
::Hook ‘em runners! Knit ‘em socks!::
::Shimmy down with Bouncy Fox!::
::Foxy Believe in You!::

Edit: There is now also a video!  I apologize profusely for the poor quality and the general sideways-ness of the video, but here you have it anyway.


Steph said...

Foxy gets this question every term, doesn't ..... he?

Vertigo1414 said...

where's the video? dnatheory...