Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Shrieking Shack

::Knock at the door. Beyby waves it open:: Ah, a lovely Gryffidor this time. Please sit. Now Straayerliz, who are you really?

::Straayerliz cautiously looks around before sitting in a beat up chair:: My name is Liz. I am a high school math teacher at a Christian school in Michigan. I am a recent mother of the most wonderful little boy in the world, Xavier William born Nov 24. I also have two other babies, Ike and Merlin, my four year old golden retriever and Daisy dog. I spent the first two years of my life living on a houseboat (unfortunately I don't remember any of it). I am totally addicted to chocolate (but it seems to slightly upset Xavier's tummy, so I have been trying to cut back. I love Starbucks and have my own beverage (Grande Carmel Apple Spice with two pumps Chai, two pumps Cinnamon Dulce, topped with whipped cream, caramel, and cinnamon. - try it - it's amazing!).

Beyby: Congrats on the little one and my, that drink sounds yummy! I must go out this afternoon and get one. ::writes down the items to order. Loud banging rattles the wall and Beyby yells at it:: Yes I’ll get you one too. ::turns back to Liz::  Ignore that! Hobbies away from the yarn?
Straayerliz: I like to read (that was actually one of my New Year's resolutions - to read one new book a month). Other than that I mostly spend my time enjoying family and friends.

Beyby: A very good resolution!  Mine was to read more as well. So, how long have you been playing with needles and hooks?
Straayerliz: I learned to knit last January and to crochet a couple weeks ago. I taught myself both of them. I decided to learn to knit at a friend's baby shower. Another friend had made the baby, the Baby Sweater of Two Needles (February) and Saartje's Booties and they were so cute that I decided I needed to learn to do that! I learned crochet a couple of weeks ago because I see so many cute patterns and wanted to be able to make them too.

Beyby: That’s so nice! Do you have a project you are particularly proud of?
Straayerliz: I think this is my favorite because I designed it. I really wanted a double breasted sweater for my baby and couldn't find one, so I made this. I would love it if other people would try out the pattern too!

::Beyby pulls out her wand:: Sonorus! ATTENTION! PATTERN TO TRY!! Quietus. What has been your favorite thing about the cup and being a Gryffindor?
Straayerliz: For then cup, the motivation to get things done and try new things. I have always loved school and just finished my Master's degree in December so it's fun to have "homework" again. I actually plan to complete all of the classes this month and have an OWL! ... I'll be honest ... I actually thought of myself as more of a Ravenclaw (I've always been the 'brainy' type) and Gryffindor was my second choice. I am SO happy the sorting hat put me where he did though, because the Gryffs are great! They are a very talkative and friendly bunch and I have had a wonderful time getting to know them in the Common Room, discussing everything from projects to cloth diapers!

Beyby: Yes the sorting hat really does know its stuff. Just a few quick questions then. What is your spell of choice? 
Straayerliz: Not that I want to, but being an upper level math teacher, I think I probably do cast the Confundus charm on  my students from time to time! I would really like to use Scourgify though because I hate cleaning.

Beyby: What imaginary creature would you want to be real? And your Patronus would be a…?
Straayerliz: Phoenix - I love that it's their emotion that brings healing.  And my Patronus - A dolphin. From the time I could talk until I was a senior in high school I wanted to be a marine biologist. Suddenly my path changed, but I still love marine creatures. Dolphins are playful and friendly and understand humans so well.

Beyby: Tell me … If you were given the choice to live forever, what would you say?
Straayerliz: I discussed this with Nicholas Flammel and decided that I would not. I actually don't even want to get too old. I wouldn't be able to handle losing all of the people that I love.

::Beyby curses Flammel under her breath and pulls out a folded piece of paper, unfolds it,  scribbles something and folds it back up, looking disgruntled she returns it to her pocket:: Well than you very much for coming in. Please show yourself out and tell the next student, they should be waiting in The Three Broomsticks. Any last words going out the door?

::Beyby falls out of her chair and the door slams shut::


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