Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday and Prize

This first week we only have two birthday students!

Happy birthday to:
5 Nov spinayarnforewe
7 Nov mysticknitter71

And we also have a winner picked from October's blog question ("If you have just ONE magical wish for your birthday, what would you wish for?"):


THE WINNER IS PSMOMMY!! Here's the winning comment:

“A whole day, no, week to myself. I’m a single mom of an autistic 4 year old. I work all day then come home and take care of my son all night. I love him dearly, but it can be a little bit challenging since he does little by himself, and sometimes has trouble communicating. The only time I have to myself is between 4-7pm on Fridays when his dad takes him. I spend this time mowing the lawn, vacuuming, sewing, and doing other things I can’t do when my son is home because of his sensory issues.”
You win a pattern that you can knit during your Fridays :) Please report to hilltopkatie to claim your prize.

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