Monday, October 26, 2009

Babblings From the Broomsticks

Happy Monday, good Hogwarts students! Our October is drawing slowly to a close, but we still have the illustrious Halloween to look forward to :) I hope everyone is ready for a fair share of tricks, tracks, and treats!

Rlynn, my goooooorgeous fellow blog reporter, and I were snacking on some Pumpkin Pasties walking around the grounds of Hogwarts and I figured you might like to know a bit more about her! She's a truly pleasant addition to our staff and her attention to birthdays is most spectacular!

The Books

Which character in Harry Potter do you relate to most?

I’d say Hermione, because I’m a bookworm and an adventurer. And also because I ultimately fall in love with an awkward, kinda geeky guy (Ron); not with a star athlete hunk (Viktor Krum).

If there were one object from the Harry Potter universe that you could pull into real life, what would it be?

A Pensieve, because I think thoughts are the most important thing to be saved. For our children, for ourselves (especially since I tend to forget where I put things!)

When I ask you what your favorite scene is in the series, what’s the first one that comes to mind?

When Harry went to the zoo and found out he can talk to snakes (scene from the book, though, not the movie)

The Basics

How did you first become involved with the House Cup?

Ummm I don’t remember exactly but I stumbled across the group after the first term started so I lurked and waited for the next term. I joined in the second term as a Hufflepuff, but this term I’m in Ravenclaw. I just figured I’m more a bookie at heart :)

What is your favorite part of the House Cup?

The blog (of course, otherwise I won’t be a writer!), the creative class assignments (even the ones that I don’t sign up for)–I’m always amazed at the teachers’ ingenuity!

Do you have any advice to hand out to the new students here at Hogwarts?

Don’t be overwhelmed with the chatter (if you’re not the chatty type, like me), you can join and get to know a few students (like vberry here), enjoy the fun from the sidelines and participate in classes. Quidditch this term is especially fun!

The Knitty Gritty

Do you knit, crochet, spin? Any other hidden talents?

I knit only. Hoping to learn dyeing. I dive, too, and dabble in photography. No hidden talents, I’m just really good at reading (speed reading, studying, research reading, etc) LOL. Told ya I’m a Ravenclaw at heart.

Why did you first pick up your knitting needles (or craft of choice)?

I decided I want to knit a scarf for my (then) boyfriend’s birthday. It was 2004 I was vacationing in New Zealand and there was a grandma in my tour group who offered to teach me how to knit. After the scarf, there was a hiatus for about 2 years, and I picked it up again in 2008. Never looked back since.

Of all of your self-made projects, which one brings you the most pride?

Ummmm…. all my lace shawls, but especially Rlynn’s Fawkes Flame:

I guess. Because the pattern was quite challenging and I modified the chart with outlines (which helped some people out, I was told), and I’m proud with the result.

Is there a craft or technique you’d like to try that you haven’t gotten to yet?

Crochet and steeking. Crochet because I’m too lazy and I just can’t figure out how to hold the hook in my hand. Steeking because it’s just plain scary.

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