Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Have you checked out the last birthday post on this blog? If you haven't, do so and post your answer to the Question of the Month for a chance to win a nifty prize!

Next, happy birthday to HPKCHCers whose birthday fall on the Halloween week:

26 Oct charmingberry
28 Oct joeykittenface knitpsycho ajoyce
30 Oct blkmagikwmn2000

Surprisingly there is no Halloweener student.
How are you planning to spend your Halloween? Preparing for costumes? Heading out for a party? Getting ready for the trick-or-treaters?


Kelly said...

I'll be finishing up my kids costumes, taking them trick or treating and then we'll have a special dinner where we talk about friends/family that have passed.


Covington said...

I'm working. I have to wear a costume to work. I'm just wearing my chemistry lab coat and going as a doctor or a scientist.

bijou3owl said...

If I can manage to pull together a decent costume, I'm going to a local ice cream place (1/2 ice cream for anyone who comes in full costume that day!) and/or to my LYS, where there will be a costume contest and other assorted Halloween fun!

LFSAlden said...

We live way the heck out in the sticks, so we decorate the car, fill it with candy and drive into the village. Kids and Daddy trick-or-treat in the village and I set up my car at the post office and kids can come get candy from me as they tour the houses.