Sunday, October 25, 2009

Foxy Defends Against the Dark Art of Indecision

Dear Foxy,

I could hand in this small thing for DADA which was originally part of my Herbology, but I can make it work for the DADA assignment.

I could keep working on these really complicated socks for DADA and not finish them.

Or I could try some very, very beginner spinning for DADA…

What do I do?


::Foxy looks at first option. Stares very hard at Minnie with growly-face::
::Foxy looks at second option - big challenge! - and wags::
::Foxy looks at third option - new skill! - and wags::
::Foxy settles down on deep green raw silk pillow under banner which says, “Hottie of the Week Emeritus” and waits to see what Minnie will do…::

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