Wednesday, May 2, 2012


As we start off a new term, we wanted to give you all a little bit of info about us, the blog staff.

First we have Ali123 of Ravenclaw!
Columns: Rita Reports / Umbridge Inspects 
Ali attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was a member of Ravenclaw house. After joining the Quidditch team in her second year in 2002, she played chaser for the rest of her Hogwarts career, helping to secure a tie for the Quidditch cup with Hufflepuff in her seventh year, a feat which had not been achieved since the notorious tie of 1678. Having shown particular proficiency for DADA during her time at Hogwarts, upon graduation she applied for and was immediately accepted onto the Revised Auror program in the Ministry of Magic.
Not much was known about Ali’s involvement with the Auror Squad during the ‘Bassett Heist’ of 2009, until the release of her critically acclaimed memoir ‘In The Patronus’ Shadow’, detailing her undercover work in France, in a three year operation to expose death eater sympathisers within the French Ministry of Magic (Fran├žaises Association Nationale de la Magie or FANM).
Since leaving the Auror Squad, Ali has enjoyed working alongside the Wizarding Worlds top writers to produce ‘The HPKC House Cup Blog.’
When she is not working, Ali enjoys writing her books, as well as crochet and knitting, and anything dipped in chocolate.
Her highly anticipated second book ‘For Better or Worse: The Women Who Shaped Hogwarts’ is due for release this Autumn, and is expected to top the book charts.
Next, Angiejude of Gryffindor!
Columns: The Cooking Cauldron / Advanced Studies Reports  
Location: Unknown, but several rumors persist. 
Bio: Mommy to a 9 month-old tornado and two criminal doggies. Loves baking, cooking, knitting and sewing. Spends her days at her undercover muggle workplace yelling at the “fellytone”.
Third is maineknitter1975 of Hufflepuff!
Columns: Ask Auntie Muriel 
Maineknitter1975 is no stranger to the blogosphere. She has written for such illustrious publications as Witch Weekly, though she didn’t cover the interview of Smiley, Wizarding Gazetteer, and Wizards Illustrated - Witches Editions. She has tremendous experience as a matchmaker and has been instrumental in the love lives of the Witch and Famous. She is the voice of Muriel, behind the scenes of the Merry Wives of Windsor blog, and the voice of the weekly syndicated column, Who’s Dating Whom?
When she isn’t elaborating on the romantic entanglements of others, Ms. Knitter likes practicing with her new spindle and having fun confusing the neighbor’s cat. She also adores dark chocolate, caramels, and coffee. Her favorite snack when knitting is chocolate bonbons.
Fourth, AuntTallulah of Slytherin!
Columns: Quidditch / Hogwarts After Hours 
AuntTallulah is probably well known to all for her World Quidditch Cup championship win as Team Canada’s seeker in 1987 (the only time Canada has ever won). She began her professional Quidditch career with the Haileybury Hammers, she was the 3rd alternate for her team. During the Canada Cup the lead seeker was hit by a bludger. The 1st alternate took ill and the second alternate had run to the washroom. Tallulah was sent in and won the Canada Cup for the team, grabbing the snitch in less then 30 seconds. After her rookie year, many teams sought her out for incredible skills as a seeker. She was acquired as the lead seeker in a massive contract to the Stonewall Stomers. After 2 successful seasons she asked to leave the Stormers due to difficulty with the new coach and she was grabbed up but the Moosejaw Meteorites. Her life changed when she was hit simultaneously by two bludgers and fell from her broom. She played only one game of the regular season after ther World Cup. Her seeking career was over. She continued on as a seeker coach, but also began suffering from headaches and confusion attributed to the fall. In 1992, she officially retired from Quidditch and moved into the commentary field. Her work as a commentator is legend! She travels the world and commentates on most matches. She also enjoys writing Quidditch analysis for the Quibbler.
Finally, myself, AbbyEBee of Ravenclaw, your humble editor-in-chief!
Columns: Tutorial Tuesday / Felix Felicis Friday 
AbbyEBee is the editor-in-chief of the blog.  Hailing from the northern regions of Hogwarts recruiting territory, she was almost sent to Durmstrang. A registered animagus, AbbyEBee's altered form is that of a wolf. While she is most often consumed with studying muggle's failed attempts at creating magic in what they call "technology," AbbyEBee also has been known to play at swordfighting and, at times, has been able to use skills in divination to determine future weather, most notably in her prediction of an impending long winter.

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