Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hogwarts Express: Welcome to Spring Term 2012

All Aboard! It's May 1, 2012 and it's time for us to say hello to a new term!

First, let me welcome the returning students.  We eagerly look forward to the amazing crafting you will complete this term.

Second, let me welcome the firsties.  You made it!  Don't be worried about getting through your first term; there are a lot of people rooting you on, including the mentoring team.  The Firsties Forum is a great place to get your questions answered.

Third, let me welcome those of you who missed sorting/were not sorted  (Not-Quite-First-Years - NQFYs) or intentionally did not sort this term (Students on Sabbatical - SoSs).  There is still so much you can do!  Here's a little encouragement from our Head Mentor, BoppingBeth, who you can find in the waiting room just for NQFYs:
Being an NQFY is a great experience, because it gives you a chance to try lots of stuff out and not have the stress of points. Almost everything is possible. Jump in, make friends, hang around, ask questions in the lounge and learn the game. Don’t let not being sorted take you away from the fun. Let it be your chance to learn new skills, and be better prepared for becoming a sorted student.
For everyone, be sure to check the blog often, as there are things going on in the House Cup we don't want you to miss!

If you're an ickle firstie, a not-quite-first-year, or a returning student who just needs a little reminder, here are some important things to remember about the House Cup.
  1. We are a PG group.  This means we have a set of rules regarding conduct.
  2. One (1) class per month is a requirement to maintain sorting priority for next term.  If you are a NQFY, one (1) class per month since joining the cup will help you to gain a higher sorting priority for next term.  Detention does not count as this one class.  For more information, see our  crafting and project standards pages
  3. For a project to be turned in for a class, photos are required.  We have a short tutorial on how to post photos for your convenience.
  4. To be eligible for yardage bonus points, you must estimate the yardage used.  We have a page dedicated to helping you estimate your yardage.
  5. OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) proposals are due by the end of the month.  Anyone can attempt an OWL, but only one OWL may be attempted per term.  All twelve (12) OWLs must all be completed before a completed OWL subject may be repeated. An OWL constitutes approximately 8-12 weeks worth of work.  Both NQFYs and SOSs may attempt an OWL or NEWT, receiving the badge and the completion needed for moving on to NEWTS, etc, but will not receive points.  For more information on OWLs, check out the OWL page on Ravelry.
  6. NEWT (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test) proposals are no longer being accepted for the current term.  If you are a Ravenclaw, or just one at heart when it comes to planning, You may propose either an OWL or a NEWT in a term, not both.  A NEWT is a combination of two (2) complex OWLs.  NEWTs may be attempted after completing four (4) OWLs.  Only one of your NEWT subjects must be one in which you have completed an OWL.  For more information on NEWTs, check out the NEWT page on Ravelry.
  7. Order of the Phoenix missions are another option to fit large projects into the cup.  Be sure to check the blog for  updates and make certain you read the OotP thread on Ravelry.  Students may choose to attempt a phoenix while also attempting an OWL or NEWT.
  8. If you're still confused about what this crazy thing called the House Cup is, check out the FAQ page.
  9. Trying to find something House Cup related (completed OWL spreadsheet, House Cup Google calendar, etc.)?  Check the links page.
Most importantly, have fun!

Happy crafting!

Your blogging staff,
AbbyEBee, editor-in-chief
Ali123, blog reporter
AuntTallulah, blog reporter
Angiejude, blog reporter
maineknitter1975, blog reporter

P.S. Check back tomorrow for more information about this term's bloggers!

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