Sunday, May 27, 2012

Advanced Studies Week 4

Hello, again fellow house-cuppers. This is Angiejude your Advanced Studies reporter, bringing you the all the happenings on OWLs, OotPs and NEWTs!

And again with your Advanced Studies Updates for the last week of May.

Let's talk timetables!

If you proposed an OotP, the green light will be given today! May 27th! So you may start crafting. You can craft like the wind and try and submit your project by July 8th. Last day to turn it in will be July 22nd.

May 31st is the last day to propose an OWL, that means this coming Thursday, don't leave it until the end!

Changes to your existing OWL proposals may be proposed until the 15th of June and June 30th is the LAST day to turn in your 50% progress, are you crafting already??? 50% earns 50 points!

If you don't turn in that 50%, don't worry you may still finish your OWL but you have tu turn it in by the 31st of July.

We don't have anything but proposals yet so there's no pretty pictures to show, but they will be coming soon!

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