Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hogwarts After Hours: Holiday Edition!

Welcome to this special edition of Hogwarts After Hours: Holiday Edition, showcasing all the wonderful fun that’s going on across the House Cup this break month! Remember,it's always good to double check with the other house groups to make they don't mind you joining in! Either way, whatever house you're in, there is lots going on!

Main HPKCHC Group.

April Month Activity.

Come join us on the luxury airship cruise as we travel the seven seas and visit House Cuppers from across the globe, getting organised, relaxing and earning badges along the way!

Ravenclaw Research Project.

If you haven’t joined in yet, then go have a look! Help feed Ravenclaw curiosity by taking the test and filling out the spreadsheet with your personality type! Find out which Harry Potter character you are most like!

NQFY Penguin Along

The NQFY's are hosting a penguin along in their lounge! Everyone is welcome to join! They've provided lots of very fun patterns and there's a super cute badge you can earn too!

Ravenclaw (The Tower)

Winter 2012 Mrs. Lovegood Memorial Prize for Mad Scientist of Ravenclaw Tower

Voting is open for Mad Scientist until the end of April 10th! If there’s someone in Ravenclaw you think has gone above and beyond the call of knitting, nominate them to win this most prestigious honour!

Gryffindor (The Seventh Floor)

April WIP-along!

WIP’s clogging up your needles and preventing you from swatching for your OWL? Check out the WIP-along going on and FINISH ALL THE THINGS!

Hufflepuff (The Den)

April Showers Bring Amigurumi Flowers

An expert or never tried before? Join Hufflepuff for their Amigurumi along! You can craft along at your own pace and have the chance to earn a badge!

April Activity: Paper!

It’s all about the list making! Totally Puff, totally awesome! Tidy up that queue, organise your favourites, or join in with some paper crafts and earn a special badge!

April Activity: Rock!

Achieve a goal which reflects moving the rocks in the way of next terms success! Whether this means clearing out your stash, tackling that oven or getting through your laundry, or even joining in with the nature walks and jewellery making activities in the thread, give it a go and earn your Rock badge!

April Activity: Scissors!

Cut it out! If you’re looking to cut something out, be it chocolate, or even your craft (remember it is the break month! You deserve a rest!) or if you want to join in with some fabric crafts to earn a badge then join in!

Slytherin (The Snake Pit)

Doom Goat Inn! (Common Room)

Slytherin are going through quite a few changes this break month and so aren’t hosting any House Activities which I know of, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pop into the common room and say hello! Find out what GWAT has been tweeting RCD recently, and go and see the latest offerings of hotties! There’s always something going on!

Things to look out for later this month...

Winner of House Cup Announced!
Winner of Quidditch Cup Announced!
Spring 2012 Staff Announced!
Sorting Opens!

That's all for now, but be sure to check back for more news later this month! :D

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