Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Challenge accepted!

 Good last day of the month my lovlies!
I hope everyone has had a great time so far this term!
But the term is not over yet!
Quidditch challenge 3 starts tomorrow!
Here is the low down:

Episode III: The Trouble with Twinning

“There is only one problem with what we’ve done,” Professor Flitwick sighed,
“It’s a great solution to the problem, but it cannot be denied
That we’re summoning our doppelgangers, and all those who do that have died.”
When GirlyWithATwist pointed out to all, that it really didn’t matter:
“Death by Snarfalumps or doppelangers? Well, I’d rather choose the latter.”
“Then again,” chimed in Lupingirl, “if it came right down to it I’d guess-
it’s the time the selves spend together that causes their death, yes?”
“So far as we know,” replied Sadielou. “Though I’m afraid I am not sure
I’ve gotten few volunteers to test this, no matter what the lure.
Let’s just say, the shorter that they visit, the more likely we’ll endure!”
Finally, the time was here, the twins were on their way.
There was little left to do, no more speeches left to say.
As everyone huddled together, they hoped this was the solution.
And then the twins came through the portal, to present their contribution
Each twin stayed no more than a second, then quickly disappeared.
And on the spot where they last stood, boxes were discovered near
Inside each was an item, though it might not seem that great
But when we put them all together, in a giant figure eight,
They will avert death by Snarfalump --- a most detested fate!
Now tell me here, what did appear, from your future twin that date?

Summary: When the spell opens the portal that brings the future selves, they each come through bearing gifts. The gifts are key items to help defeat the Snarfalumps. What was it you received from your doppelganger? Remember, all items must be 25 yards or more, and must be in a Ravelry-approved craft form. You will have 21 days to craft this object. You may start crafting at the sound of the whistle, 12:00 AM PSTon March 1st. All Challenge 3 projects must be posted by March 21st at 11:59 PST.

Remember, you don't have to have done the first 2 challenges to participate!

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