Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Crochet, Chain Stitch.

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday!

This week we’re going to be exploring first steps in crochet.

Crochet is an extremely rewarding craft, which, like knitting, can produce some extraordinarily beautiful projects.

The first thing to know about crochet is that there are just as many different stitches that can be created as with knitting, simply by combining the basic stitches (and variations thereupon).

The first of these is the chain stitch.

This is used in almost every crochet project, from simple place-mats to extravagant shawls, the chain is where we always start!

Chain Stitch

That’s it!

Easy right? Repeat this simple action until you have as many chain stitch as the pattern requires. This might be 10 or 100, but the action never changes!

From this you can create many wonderful things using a set of simple stitches.

This link will take you to a fantastic website which has step by step instructions as to how to do each stitch.

Happy Hooking! :D

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