Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Quidditch time!
This week I am going to discuss all the options for the long version of Quidditch!

First is:

Using the subtle art of Tarot, study the cards and see what your crafting future has planned for you. You see any combination of the following options in your cards:
  • Holiday Season 2012 Gifts (because you know some of you want to start this early!)
  • Birthday or other Occasion presents. (‘other occasion’ gifts need to be explained when submitted)
  • Projects that are not intended as gifts but are planned for a specific event (i.e. your wedding shawl, etc)
  • Projects that are intended to stock a shop or inventory for a booth at a craft fair/fiber festival. Please note that we will require somewhat of an explanation as to how the items fall under this option, but that this is in no way an invitation for advertising, and that any advertisements are limited to Diagon Alley (per the Diagon Alley rules). No exceptions.
  • Spinning and dyeing accepted here provided you already have a plan for the finished yarn. Want to spin the yarn that you need for your OWL next term? Excellent! Dyeing yarn to give to a friend for their Birthday, or to sell in an online shop? Also acceptable! Stash enhancement without plans is not an acceptable plan. Remember you can see the yarn’s future in the cards. :)
    A great example is  nummanumma
    For  more details click here and see all the stunning yarn that she has ready!
    Next we move on to:
    Those who choose to study their dreams for hints of their 2012 crafting futures may have to dig deep: our dreams aren’t always clear. Consult your textbooks and if necessary, use a dream journal to record your dreams- once you have written them out they may become clearer. Students who choose Oneiromancy need to be prepared to explain how their projects came from their dreams. Students who choose this method may discover any combination in the following in their dreams:
    • You have a challenging dream project that you’ve been dreaming about making or trying (example: you want to learn a new craft or technique on a small, single project scale (that wouldn’t otherwise qualify for an OWL) or you have a design in your head that you’d like to get out!)
    • You have a project in your Queue or Favorites that you’ve been wanting to start for more than 3 months, but have been putting on the back burner to get other projects done. Example: I have Rosa’s Sleeveless Cardi on my Queue (currently at number 4!), and it’s been there since December 2010! That would totally count! Something I only queued in December of 2011 would not count. Items must be Queued or Favorited on or before October 1st, 2011 in order to count here. We will check! If it isn’t in your Queue or Favorites, you can’t submit it for this option. You may make multiple items of the same Queued item. This is how you submit them.
    • You keep returning to a re-occurring theme in your dreams, and it is visions of an empty project basket:
    BUST OUT THOSE OLDER WIPS! WIPS will be allowed here if they are older than last term! (i.e. if it was started during last term, it’s not old enough! My Fall OWL shawl is not old enough! My Winter 2011 sweater is!) Please read the WIP rules below. WIPs that do not follow these rules may be refused.
    Rules for WIPs:
    1. WIPs must have a project page dated August 31st, 2011 or earlier.
    2. WIPs require two photos: a before photo and then an after photo.
    3. WIPs may be submitted under Oneiromancy only.
    4. Please remember socks and gloves come in pairs, you must submit a finished pair.
    5. Blanket Squares/Hexipuffs only count under this option if you are submitting a finished blanket. You cannot submit individual squares or puffs as WIPs.
    6. Spinning counts provided it’s older than last term and you can explain how it was unfinished prior to this term’s work. Photos required.
    7. Dyeing is acceptable as a WIP only if the base you are dyeing is a yarn you yourself spun prior to last term.
    8. Each WIP will earn 10 pts for completion provided it follows the criteria.

      A fine example would be that of  jessdhill
      Click here to see her story about these awesome mittens!

      Last but not least we have:

      You find that as you study the lines on your palms, that your future shows you selflessly devoted to the needs of strangers. Determined to see that path through, you turn to crafting for charity!
      • Make things for charitable purposes!
      • Items to be made and sold to raise money for a charitable cause count here!
      • Blanket squares and hexipuffs may be made here but are required to be for charity and also have to follow the House Cup Blanket Square rules. If you are in doubt, you should ask in advance!
      • You may spin or dye yarn here if you can explain how it’s a charity related cause. If you’re in doubt, you should ask in advance.
      • Those interested in making gifts for loved ones, friends, or friends of loved ones need to pursue the Cartomancy options above.

        To show off this group I give you cosutmer47
        Click here to learn more about her bright and cheery squares
        So that's it for this week! 

        Next week I'll cover the rapid challenge!

        Happy crafting! Go Team GO!

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