Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hogwarts after Hours: Hufflepuff Edition

Welcome to another edition of HOGWARTS AFTER HOURS!

Today we venture in to the Badgers den!

First up, a Spin-a-long! There is a special going on this week organized by kazpatch. It's not over yet, so anyone spinning should head on over!

The puffs also love their Pets! Head on over & check it out! Lots of cute critters are sure to be displayed!

Tavelista seems to have organized the Hufflecleaners. Do you need motivation to clean & organize ( I mean who doesn't? Ask my parents how bad it is!)?  Then maybe this is the thread for you!

We all love food, but the Hufflepuffs have The Swedish Sous-Chef. Recipes and ideas galore!

Whatcha Reading? That's the Puff library! Talk about what you're reading or listening to.

Last, but certainly not least is the Sock KAL. Who doesn't love to make socks? Who needs encouragement?  Maybe you should make your way to the Sock KAL & get some encouragement and if you're lucky a muffin or 2!

Thank-you Hufflepuff for all your fabulous things!

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