Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Order of the Phoenix: What's all this noise?

The story began here... 

The Great Hall is abuzz! DrusillaWormwood has returned to the castle - giving orders from a stretcher! AlexisT is managing in an arm splint; Mushroom is limping heavily; Seakame is guiding their several carpetbags with her wand, showing only a slight twitch, but she is meeting no one’s eyes. School Nurse Boppingbeth was seen leading them to the infirmary with cups of chamomile tea.

Ravenclaws speak in low tones, “How did Vox8 get past Eagle Eye? That was some amazing spellwork!” Slytherins are all wearing their scarves indoors and clutching hot chocolate, as though a cold wind - like the one that perpetually surrounds TheWindWraith - had blown through their dungeon. Gryffindors are chatting about GazeboGal and her surprising entrance in their tower on her Electron 3K broom.

The Hufflepuffs are all bending over various pieces of paper with hastily-scratched notes. One of them makes a face at a second-year. “I don’t think that IsisOnEarth’s central message was ‘learn to make mojitos’, Evan!” The youngster looks discouraged, but they turn to JMN, who took copious and tidy notes.

“It’s all in learning the right way to make a Quick Quotes Quill, badgers,” she says. Then Geminio! she makes a few dozen copies of her notes. “Share them all around - all houses,” she says as she passes them about.

You get your hands on a copy of JMN’s neat script and read hastily while your dormmates crowd around you.

  • Order of the Phoenix prompts will change 
  • The Order of the Phoenix schedule will change 
  • April 1 is Fred & George’s birthday
  • Each House has a pre-January Order advice-giver
  • Read the Order of the Phoenix thread carefully on New Year’s Day
  • re-stock dried blueberries