Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Breaking News: Calling all Firsties!

The sorting has finished and we have some brand new firsties!  Hooray!

As such, the illustrious blog staff composed of Ali123 of Ravenclaw, AuntTallulah of Slytherin, and myself (of Ravenclaw), are looking for a talented firstie who wants to help us with our Firstie Friday segment of the blog.

So, what is Firstie Friday? Every Friday (except the last Friday of the month), our firstie blogger posts about what’s happening in the firstie world. Some posts are focused on what that firstie is doing personally, some are to feature other firsties, some are to just let us in on what it’s like to be a firstie this term (some of us are “old” students and like to reminisce!).

Interested? Great! Visit this form and give us a taste of what you would write as a firstie blogger.
The form will be available until Wednesday, January 4, 2012.

Best of luck!
AbbyEBee, editor-in-cheif

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