Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday with Firsty-CoMC HW

Hm.. settles down in a comfy chair to look over assignments for this month's courses at Hogwarts, and to see what's expected... 

Well it's that time of month with the new classes posted! It seems to me as a Slytherin to go for Care of Magical Creatures or Potions. I have to see and look back at my Raverly notebook at which classes I had submitted my homework to, and do a huge review post at the end of this term. I can't believe it's already November in the Fall term! And yes I did say I'm hoping to do the assignment for... 

Care of Magical Creatures!
Option 1: Craft something in fiery colors. 

I'm planning on doing Option 1's homework. At Stitches East I picked up some yarn that reminded me of Gryffindor. Okay, so at Stitches East this yarn was screaming at me-and I had to pick it up (haha). I'm actually planning on doing socks out of them, and the yarn is (striping) a bright yellow, red, and black. It reminds me of Gryffindor, fire colors, and the Chinese Dragon (Chinese Dragon for some reason, I have NO idea how I came up with that haha). Any who I rarely do any socks, but I hope to get sock knitting squeezed in as well.

What classes are you taking for this November? 
See ya next Friday!

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