Thursday, October 20, 2011

OWL Updates!

Good Evening Everyone! Sorry for missing last week and being so late in the day this week, I've been having issues with one of my eyes and it makes computer time short, but hopefully by next week it will be better! And now to the OWL and NEWT updates:
Dawntreader7 has submitted her OWL 50% and it's looking lovely!
And Mauri showed us an update on her skew sock:

That's all I've got picture wise for tonight. I just sent everyone who had said I could follow them a PM with 3 questions for you! Feel free to answer when you have time with as short or long of answers as you would like. I'm going to answer them for my own stalled OWL right now!

1. What have you learned so far in doing this OWL?
I have learned that I am a very, very slow cable-er and that I really should mark my place in charts.
2. How is your progress coming?
It's stalled a bit because I had too much going on the beginning of this month and couldn't work on it much, and then when I tried to pick it back up this past weekend I couldn't figure out where I left off in the chart. Although for a little while I thought I had it, only to realize 3 rows later that I wasn't in the right place and had to rip back. I haven't had the heart to pick it back up. 50% will not be happening on time so I'm losing hope I will get it completed.
3. Any surprises, good or bad, so far?
I'm loving how it's turning out so I'm going to finish it no matter what. I am surprised that I couldn't remember where I left off, and that I can't figure out where I am supposed to be!

See everyone next week!

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