Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday With Firsty-DADA October 2011 HW!

Option 1: Craft something simple to clear your mind

Happy Friday everyone! I don't want another Friday to slip by-it's been an forgetful week for me (and a busy one).  I had turned in my homework for October 2011-Defense Against the Dark Arts a few weeks ago, and got approval! The Cowl above is actually a very easy (and quick) cowl, and one of my favorite cowls. This is actually a Christmas gift for someone. I love the cowl pattern so much, I made two! I'm thinking about making it again as another Christmas gift (we'll see.) But this is a great pattern-and a mindless, just a 2x2 rib. It's the Aplca Hug Cowl. Oh by the way-it's free! 

Sorry it's a quickie this time, but I've been meaning to be blogging about the DADA homework for this month! 

See you next Friday!

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