Thursday, September 29, 2011

MISSION: broomtastic

Wednesday, 08:00 hours

Mission Report:

It was my hope to get interviews with the commanders this week.  While they are here at headquarters, they are much too busy receiving and reviewing BROOMs to be able to talk to a probie like me.  They work feverishly night and day in attempt to get all BROOMs reviewed before the October 1st signal is given.

As a substitute, I've utilized my duty as owl receiver to sneak a peek at a few more BROOMs.  These BROOMs are special as they include self-designed elements.  There are four that I've come across so far, but I only have enough time away from my duties to report on two of them at this time.  Perhaps I'll be able to get enough time away from the owls to report on the other two next week.


Ravelry name: Jonathaniel 
House: Slytherin 
Mission Department: Undercover Ops - Work at Gringotts
Dear Members of the Order of the Phoenix,
My name is Tristan Gamp and I am contacting you today to volunteer my services and skills for the Undercover Operations section of the Order of the Phoenix. I believe I would be most adequately placed to work Bill Weasley at Gringotts. Please see below for a sample of my work.
 (or project page)
Even while still at Hogwarts I was already interested in the various aids available to witches and wizard with regards to stealth and invisibility. Not everyone can afford a costly Invisibility Cloak after all! I have travelled extensively to discover a broad variety of plant and animal products to use in stealth wear. 
But enough of my research - which I am sure we will have more than enough time to discuss in more detail at a later date.
I have found a basic lace pattern that I will adept for a lovely rectangular shawl as well as a yarn that is elegant in its simplicity yet sophisticated with its unobtrusive silver highlights. I am sure the Goblins will admire both the craftsmanship and the material. What’s more, the yarn was died with a blend including Peruvian Instant Darkness powder and the shawl can thus be used for undercover mission as it will allow the wearer to not attract attention.
In the hopes that my project will receive your favourable consideration, I remain faithfully yours,
Tristan Gamp


Ravelry name: Drake 
House: Ravenclaw 
Mission Department: Undercover Ops
Ariadne Drake enters the Hog’s Head, laden with a paper sack from Honeydukes as well as bags from Scrivenshaft’s and Dervish & Banges. She orders a drink, and settles with her (slightly grungy) mug in a shadowy corner. She leaves some twenty minutes later, leaving a small tip on the bar.
Aberforth scoops up the handful of change, his sharp eyes picking out the silver denarius among the sickles. He flips it casually in his hand, noting it was minted in the reign of Emperor Septimius Severus. He drops it into a smoked-glass pitcher under the bar; the ringing sound is heard far away in the kitchen of Grimmaud Place, notifying the Mission Chiefs that a Broom has been delivered to the hollow leg of a shabby cane chair in a Hogsmeade pub. Soon, a magical summoning draws the scrap of parchment to Order Headquarters, and the hollow leg stands, once again, empty.
Dear Mission Chief,
I, Ariadne Drake, wish to use a family contact to infiltrate the Deatheaters’ organization. In order to carry out this perilous mission, I will design and craft winter accessories (Hat or hats, mitts and/or scarf, totalling not less than 400 yards of knitting, plus at least one pattern ready for test knitting) that will blend seamlessly into the Muggle world, but that will, to those in the know, proclaim my identity as a witch.
Though I have improvised patterns in the past, I have no experience writing them down, and will thus be developing a new skill. I also intend to conceal a spare wand (a good idea for anyone who intends to infiltrate the Deatheaters) amongst cables in at least one of the items, and my cabling experience is minimal. I expect to spend a week, or perhaps two, swatching; and a further two weeks creating the first item. I anticipate a week of pattern-writing, then an additional two to four weeks applying the design motif to other items (with notes, but probably not true patterns) or creating further designs.
I can only hope that the Deatheaters will not perceive the duality of my designs.


Remember, the signal is coming in just a few days for missions to begin.  And if you submitted your BROOM, be patient, as the commanders are working to review them all before the go.

AbbyEBee, signing off.

This message will self-destruct in 10...9...8...7...

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