Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MISSION: Getting things in order about the Order

Wednesday, 08:00 hours.

Mission brief:
I’ve successfully become a part of the Order.  The order chiefs have seemed to not take too much note of me yet.  I am determined to show them my loyalty.  I have found there are a few missions up for grabs.  I have included information on four such missions as I know you, too, are eager to join the cause.

This week, I began working out how to get in the good graces of Central Command head DrusillaWormwood.  This particular order commander has set out the following missions to be completed:

Coordinate Operations at Headquarters
Molly Weasley cleaned and cooked so the Order members would have a welcoming environment when they reported in from their dangerous duties. Craft something that will make your personal headquarters more inviting or that will make your cooking/entertaining/meals more successful.
Potential targets:
Table runner, page 4
Lace Table Runner
Placemat and Napkin Ring
Set of Placemats
Waffle Knit Dishcloth
A whole bunch of dishcloths for cleaning Grimmauld Place
Swiffer Re-Usable Cloth
And maybe a few swiffer covers
Other targets: Decorative pillows, afghans

Ride the Knight Bus
It’s violently purple in color. It’s three decks tall. It provides emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. Go from there.
Potential targets:
I have identified the following yarns as being violently purple.
KnitPicks Swish Worsted, Eggplant
KnitPicks Stroll Sock, Majestic (this one is on its way out...)

KnitPicks Comfy Sport, Lilac
KnitPicks Stroll Glimmer, Foxglove (it's even sparkly!)

Blue Sky Alpacas Techno, Lounge Purple
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, Violet
I am sure there are more out there.  I just need to find them.
Other targets: Something with three distinct parts, A fiber first aid kit, round footstools (like the wheels of the Knight Bus)

I’ve also heard a few things about Security Operations head alexist.  Alexist has laid out the following missions:

Guard the muggle Prime Minister 
Create something(s) that would make your identity as a muggle easier to believe (muggle garment(s), a messenger bag, umbrella cover, umbrella…)
Potential targets: 
Celtic Tote
Felted Messenger Bag
Other targets: Sweater, socks, a set of winter wear (hat, gloves, scarf)

Advance Guard
Help someone escape a bad situation. Craft for a charity or someone in dire need.
Potential targets: 
Other targets: Local hospitals, homeless shelters, more charities listed on Interweave Knits

As a final note of this report, I have been informed that these commanders are accepting BROOMs (Basic Requests for Official Order Missions) from September 14th to 24th.  Once approval is given October 1st, Order members will have until November 30th to complete their missions.  Best of luck to you!

AbbyEBee, signing off.

This message will self-destruct in 10... 9... 8... 7...

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