Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I believe it was a famous Wizard Philosopher who once said;

“Ask me to dance with dragons and I will do so gladly. But to challenge a Gryffindor? One must be mad!”

Indeed. But what happens when one does challenge a Gryffindor? Not only challenge, but entice with shiny badges...

Well, it seems that the courageous RiverCameron did just that! Laying down a challenge within the house that produced some staggering results.

The challenge, in esscence was simple...

‘Finish and turn in a WIP on the first day of term and earn that awesome Harry badge!’

And boy oh boy did the Gryffindors rise to the challenge!

Within less than 24 hours over 50 Gryffindor students had turned in a project for detention! And with some beautiful results! :D

Like this blanket by clmnj58!

And this beautiful shawl by referencegoddess!

Be sure to check out all the other gorgeous projects that have been posted over in the Detention thread! Let me tell you, they have been coming in by the cauldron load, and it’s only the 6th day of term!

Oh and that awesome badge?



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