Monday, September 26, 2011

It's that day again all!
It was a busy weekend with a flurry of excitement. First task ended and they came the laid back, getting to know you of the yule ball.
For starters I wanted to highlight a couple of the tournament pieces handed in!
First we have  Slytherin BlindSquirrel with a lovely Air task!
Boy does that look toasty!I am jealous that I don't have something that warm for the upcoming winter season!

Then we have Gryffindor Purzelonline with  a hot and fiery Fire task!
She's gonna be on fire when she wears that out!

Next we move on to the Yule Ball. The point of the first task, in my opinion was to create a house unity & to encourage our other Cuppers to share our love of craft!
In the spirit I present to you
CJCary of  Hufflepuff who made this lovely snowflake and danced the 2-step with
BandBabe of Ravenclaw very festive and beautiful!

So Quidditich is off to a fantastic start!
I look forward to seeing the rest of the magical tasks that lie ahead!

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