Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Friday with Firsty: Traveling again!


Yep I'm taking a trip on a muggle airplane again-sorry about the post being early again. I'm hoping to be on the computer less while I'm visiting my boyfriend in North Carolina this week. (I'm flying today), and not sure if I'll have time or not to post.

I do have a special thing to talk about... that I'm excited about. Sometimes, you know when you get excited about your knitting-and you've been in a knitting slump? Yes.. I know I have, I have so many projects with deadlines (I even did a post on my own blog yesterday). But you see-this scarf I'm making, that I keep falling in love, and reminds me of Professor Mcgonagall's colors... I'll explain that in a second. The yarn, the pattern, and everything I'm falling in love again haha!

Okay, so here's what I want to say about the Diamonds and Ropes Scarf by Rose Brown Downloads on Raverly... click on the header and it'll take you to the place on Raverly. I'm surprised this isn't a paid pattern, it's well written if you love a basic challenge and something entertaining, and an 18 repeat for the cables and ropes. It sound's complicated, but honestly-if you're used to and experienced with cables, you'll have fun with it. I'm hoping I can get this scarf done in October (yes... it has a deadline, but it's a fun deadline.) either because for a homework assignment, or for Stitches East 2011 (anyone going?)  I can tell this is going to be my favorite scarf, and my Fall 2011 scarf.

The Photo: You can almost see the first repeat being done in this photo, and right off the bat you see a pattern forming (I got really excited about this one! I love seeing patterns forming as complicated as this.. form right from the start.) The scarf has grown since the photo is taken, so if you want more progress-go to my project page on Raverly.

On a side note-this is a really excellent pattern for you to practice cables. Oh the robing-all you need is a basic cable needle... it's the same as a cable (almost..)

One of my favorite things about this pattern: Even if it's a couple of rows-not that all knitting does, but this helps me to feel productive use of my time-I'm hoping I'm able to concentrate while at the airport (hopefully...fingers crossed!)

My Materials: 

  • Size 4 bamboo (I usually love knitting with bamboo when it comes to projects such as these.)
  • Malabrigo Worsted (Two skeins for this scarf so far, purchased at Good Yarns in Boston.... one of the most beautiful yarns I've worked with, and so soft! Not sure about the colorway-sorry! But the colors in the yarn are perfect for fall! This is my signature yarn!)
  • Stitch Markers
  • Cable Needle: Yes... I use a cable needle. What's neat about this pattern, you have a rest row, or a couple of rest rows before the next cables. I'm afraid to use it without a cable needle, I mean really when you're on a plane, or driving for a trip-I'm hesitant about dropping stitches without a cable needle, moreso than the actual cable needle falling out. 
See you next week! Hopefully that was a good pattern review! And to make it even more related to Harry Potter-this is really my "first time" in actually really practicing cables in a legit project as this one. 

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