Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coming Attractions

Greetings all you magnificent crafters and welcome to the HPKCHC Blog.  As you load your trunks on the train and spread gossip about the Tri-Wizard tournament I'd like to welcome you with the coming attractions.   The "previews" as muggles call them.  The blog staff has been hard at work figuring out what they want to cover and when they are able to trade their OWL for a keyboard, so here it is, your fall line up.

Mondays are all about the mix up.  Everyone's favorite former first year AuntTallulah will bring us a mystery post full of house cup goodness to get you through your week.

Tuesdays the adorable Ali123 will present you, yes you.  Highlights from the house cup be they knit, crochet, spun, dyed or comical.

The midweek hump will be a house of intrigue as special agent AbbyEbee reports on the activities of a group that may or may not be linked to a fiery bird.

Spartyliblover will present the world of advanced studies to, well, the world.   Watch as your classmates try to OWL and NEWT. 

Finally the weekend's will begin with the first year stylings of Annalovesheep.  Explore the universe of the newly sorted as they blaze a path to second yeardom.

The last Friday of the month will once again be Felix Felicis Friday.  For you first years and NQFYs this is how we play.  Each month I post a question here on the blog.  You have until the last Thursday of the month to reply with your answer.  On the last Friday I post a winner who will receive something magical from Rockinsticks' Reliquary of Recent Roaming (fancy way of saying "craft stash")  Might be stitch markers, might be yarn, might be a Rav pattern of your choice. 

So without further ado the Felix Felicis Question for the month of September is as follows.

Madame Malkin has retained you to design a fall line of mittens for witches and wizards of distinction.  Describe your first pair and what charms would be on them that would help the owner?

Leave your answer in the comments section of this post by Thursday September 29th.  Make sure you include your Rav name so I can track you down with your prize.


janalee said...

My first pair of mittens, for the witch/wizard of distinction, will be an intricate cabled pattern. Knit with worsted weight yarn, pairs come in dark brown, charcoal grey, navy blue, or black. Each pair is imbued with several charms:

a repelling charm (to keep oneself free from stray hairs, stains, and other untidiness).

a freshening charm (to keep one's outfit colors from fading)

a reverse charm (to undo any snags or holes in one's outfit)

(knitsNhikes- 1st year Hufflepuff)

Nicole said...

My first pair of mittens would be long, reaching about the mid-forearm. They would be made out of bulky yarn for added warmth, and would be customized to represent your Hogwarts house, or your school if you did not attend Hogwarts (Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, etc.).

AND all of these mittens would have the BRAND NEW, innovative, highly sought after, SPELL-CHECK Charm!!! While wearing these mittens, a witch or wizard's spell will be corrected if they actually meant to cast a different spell (or pronounced the incantation wrong, or got the wand movement wrong, etc.)! The newly-invented Spell-Check Charm will make these mittens beneficial in many ways! For example, witches and wizards no longer have to suffer from embarrassment after incorrectly casting spells! They will no longer accidentally harm their friends, or damage their plants!

These mittens will be available for 3 easy payments of 9 galleons, 14 sickles, and 17 knuts! AND there's MORE! Act NOW, and you'll get a SECOND pair of mittens, absolutely FREE*!

*Purchasing witch or wizard is responsible for all Owlery charges regarding the free pair of mittens in addition to the purchased pair.

(HermioneWeasley on Ravelry, Gryffindor 3rd Year)

CommaSplice said...

I would design Golden Snitch mittens for young witches and wizards of distinction. They would have a Never Lost Charm on them - if you think you've lost a mitten, you just reach into your pocket, and there it is!

- CommaSplice, Gryffindor 5th year

LambChop00 said...

My first pair of mittens would be Severus Mitts and they would have an anti-sea-sickness charm on them to help while on the HMS Severus Snape this term.

LambChop00 on Ravelry

Jaime said...

My first pair of mittens, to be worn by witches and wizards of distinction, would be "dress mittens" - knit at a fine gauge, with a long cuff, in a stranded design for the wizards and an eyelet design for the witches. The main body of the mittens would be knit in an intricate colorwork pattern, but would appear rather bland at first, as the pattern would appear to be black and white while the mittens rest on the rack. However, the mittens themselves would be enchanted with a Color-Match Charm, designed to hone in on the two most dominant complimentary colors in the wearer's ensemble and coordinate accordingly. Additionally, each pair of mittens would be enchanted with a Cheering Charm, to keep the wearer happy even through long, cold winters, and a Warming Charm, to keep magical fingers toasty!

(wingedorange on Ravelry, 2nd year Ravenclaw)

Anonymous said...

I'd offer a simple pair, available in every color we can manage because it's a pain when you can't find that exact shade of orange you're envisioning.

A warmth charm, to be sure, and a charm for beating any potential thieves about the head until the mittens are returned.

Mauri of Gryffindor

LFSAlden said...

Know that mad-Crazy rainbow intarsia cabled scarf that Bijou3owl made? Yep. My fabulous mittens would be mad-crazy laceweight on micro needles rainbow intarsia cables all over black mitts, where the cables are actually the wand-waving directions for The Warming Charm.

Oh, and the 3x1 ribbed cuffs are almost-wrist length, nice thumb gusset, thumbs palmward, not right on the side.

::Not what Foxy would make::

OK, Foxy, what would you make?

::Foxy jumps up into GG's arms and wraps tail around hands::

Love you, too, Foxy.

LFSAlden said...

I meant almost-elbow...

Allena said...

My mittens would be wonderful cables and match my scarf. The of course would have an extra warming charm on them but also a charm to be able to use my hands as if i were wearing gloves but have the warmth of mittens!

Allena said...

whoops I'm StarKnits on ravelry (forgot to add that)

Lori said...

Being a witch/wizard distinction for all of my life, I believe my mitten would be black interlaced with gold threads of memories. These memories would be of my mother and when I put my hands in the water, I would be able to look in and see my mom and whatever memories that I had chosen to put in my special distinctive mittens. When I removed my hands from the water, my mittens would become dry and if it was cold out, the mittens would heat up and give me a warm feeling all over to match the memories I experienced.
Gryffindor first year :)

01Tangled said...

My first pair of mittens would have an intricate colorwork design, very Irish folkloric in origin using greens or blues with white and/or creams.

They would also have several charms on them:
1. a twist on the gemino charm-- mittens come as a pair, and just one mitten will do you very little good. This gemino based charm will cause the mittens to never stray farther than 12" away from each other.
2. colorwork charm-- the mittens will always charm my winter cloak to match.
3. warming charm-- there's nothing worse than putting on cold mittens and having to wait for them to warm up.
4. sticky-grip charm-- often times I need to pick something up or hold on to it while wearing mittens, and thigns don't always go very well. This sticky-grip charm will help my mitten covered hands do their job much better.

01Tangled, 3rd Slytherin

Melinda said...

The first pair of mittens for the wizarding world folks would be... well, what ever you'd like them to be. That's the charm, if you want gloves with intricate cables, then that's what you'll get... or mittens with a flip top hand, no problem! These mittens will be charmed to look and feel like your own personal dream mittens... and what's even better, if your dream mittens change, then so do these! Perfect for the fashion conscious witch or wizard! Chunky Alpaca purple mittens to match that scarf you wear occasionally. Delicate Cotton lacy fingerless gloves to go with your dress robes. Rugged Wool work mittens for de-nomeing your garden on chilly winter days! These will be the last pair of mittens you ever buy!

glittergirl94 - NQFY

Jen said...

I would design a practical every-day pair available in a variety of colors to coordinate with your outfits. They would cover the wrists and be charmed to heal and help prevent any injury that comes from repeated wand practice. It's important to look after wrist health!

-TriGirlJ, Ravenclaw 6th Year

Anonymous said...

My first pair of mittens would be made of silk and mohair, incredibly light but luxuriously warm. They would have cables and an intricate pattern of vines (like Hermione's wand) to ward off any cold damp weather, a repelling charm for stains and an a charm to change them into any color I need them to be depending on my outfit!
(cupojo01-first year Gryffindor)

Nanishiori said...

I would design crocheted mitts, with multi-colored firestar infused yarn at the wrist, and add the Flame Freezing Charm, to ensure safe use while roasting marshmallows and carrying torches while on adventures. Child sizes will include a Caterwauling Charm, if the mitts should ever be more than arms width apart. It won't prevent losing the pair of them, but at least you'll never have an odd mitt hanging about for ages waiting for the 2nd to show up again someday.
(Nanishiori - 1st year Gryffindor)

Steph said...

I would design colorwork mittens depicting difficult to remember wand-waving sequences - perhaps for a melting charm (for snow) or deflection of a blizzard.


Steph said...

So, I didn't read the comments yet. Looks like GazeboGal and I are on the same (wand)wavelength.