Friday, July 8, 2011

OWLie Friday!

Hello all!
Hope the begining of summer is bringing fun, sun and crafting!
There were many a brave student attempting to seat an OWL or two this term. You may even be getting lectures from your fellow housemates. Seashelly has been telling the Slythernins to finish their OWLs  every day for the last week.

Well here is a sampling of a few OWLs that have been posted!
Losingcount of Gryffindor has completed this lovely wrap out of cascade eco duo. I am totally jealous because it is awesome and will be a great way to be stylish and warm!!AWESOME!

KnittingLinguist of Ravenclaw knitted this fabulous kimono. I am totally jealous! WOW!
Lambchop00 of  Slytherin went sock crazy! Cables colourwork! Toe-up construction! FANTASTIC!
Last today, but certainly not least, is Lea67000 of Hufflepuff. This is a wonderfully fun & inventive shawl!SUPERB!

Next week I will talk about the movie the can be named, but I won't because we are all excited and going to see it opening day!
That's it for me today! I am off to finish my OWL! I have been inspired!

May your weekend be filled with joy, love, fun and most importantly YARN!

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