Tuesday, July 12, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

We've arrived, fellow Cuppers -- the last movie comes out this week. It really is the end of many things -- some bad, but mostly good. How many of you are planning on seeing the movie on opening night/day?

Ancient Runes

BronwenD starts us off with a too-adorable turtle blanket!


FrancineM works wonders while dyeing roving!

Care of Magical Creatures

losingcount branches out with gorgeous cables!


EvilOverlady314 has made me love a Kindle in the only way possible -- relating it to the TARDIS! Lovely work.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

kjirstiben knitted up a warm shawl that perfectly encapsulates friendship.


uncia's classy knitted skirt doesn't need to sacrifice comfort for style! Too bad it's not strictly part of the Hogwarts uniform code :)

History of Magic

kataish evokes the desert, fire, and magic in one beautiful skein of handspun yarn.

Muggle Studies

Even the harshest winters in Durmstrang can't break through scorpi084's knitted hood and scarf!


Who cares about the Elixir of Samich when so much delicious evil/conflicted good is around? rockinsticks now can say she has Lucius and Severus in the palm of her hands!

Is everyone ready for Kleenex stock to go up at the end of the week? I'm stocked up and ready to go. It's been wonderful taking this ride with all of you!


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NerdGirl said...

The turtle blanket is so cute and the gorgeous cabled tree square makes me think of a baby whomping willow. :)