Tuesday, July 19, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

Hello, my darlings! Has everyone recovered from Deathly Hallows Pt. 2? I know I'll need to see it again, if only to laugh at poor Ginny's blow-out in the epilogue.

Ancient Runes

slightlyfoxed crocheted a cuddly and colorful airborne companion!


shagma reps their Hufflepuff pride with a wonderful colorwork bag!

Care of Magical Creatures

straayerliz crocheted a too-adorable-for-words toy set for her son!


kataish's gorgeous hand-spun and hand-knitted shawl automatically deserves heirloom status!

Defense Against the Dark Arts

BrittanyLaine stretched her spinning muscles and spun from a batt for the first time -- and ended up with drool-worthy yarn!


loveswildflowers is all about meticulous details, and deserves an award for stick-to-it-iveness for finishing a project from all the way back in 2006!

History of Magic

vsmedile took their inspiration from vivid Egyptian tomb illustrations, and preserved the colors forever in a rich, saturated hand-spun skein!

Muggle Studies

MediaPeruana discovered the elegance and joy in simple cables, and how they have a warmth all their own when worked in a gold-toned yarn!


letsgoblue's absolutely stunning hidden-image shawl was created to provide protection against all manner of ills -- not least of which is the sadness we're feeling over the last movie!

Brilliant, beautiful work, everyone!


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