Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Newbie Lace Knitter Part 1!

Into the Fray!

Now as most of you know I am most definitely not a knitter. I have never defined myself as one, nor pretended that the thought of knitting didn’t scare and confuse me.

I must confess, the expression ‘to eat ones hat’ has never been more prevalent than today. As someone who thought I would never knit in a million years, I have been proved soundly wrong.

As it so happened I attended a knitting class as a bit of a laugh, thinking I wouldn’t learn much, because I just DIDN’T UNDERSTAND KNITTING. Boy was I wrong.

My teacher was fantastic and very patient, and taught me all that I needed to know to get started with a bit of lace knitting.

As I have a particular fondness for crocheted shawls, I figured I would begin with my first knitted project being a knitted shawl.

This also worked in my favour as I had set forth a challenge with Ravenclaw Towers Knitted Shawl Master OneNeedleKnitting, that I, Ali123 would attempt to knit a shawl before the end of the year.

So I thought perhaps, as most of you are very seasoned and incredible knitters, you might find it an interesting read to hear from someone who is starting right at the beginning.

I’m going to take you right through my knitted shawl progress, you’ll share my ups and downs, and I hope you will enjoy the journey as much as I hope to! Perhaps you might even join in for a mini Blog KAL! XD

So here it goes!

Ali123’s First Knitted Shawl!


1 brand new set of Knit Pro Needles!

1 skien of Laceweight Yarn!

1 pattern, designed for Knitted Lace first timers!

Snowflakes and Flowers
by Sandra Alice

I hope you’re going to enjoy the experience of being a first time knitter again! ‘Once more unto the breach dear friends!’


Emily said...

This is so cool and exciting! You chose gorgeous yarn and I can't wait to see your progress. (And you quoted Henry V - just thrills my Ravenclaw heart :)


Steph said...

Oh how wonderful Ali!! I just might make this next term.