Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Badges!

Hey everyone!

As promised, here is the information about the new badges for turn in posts which we are going to be debuting and trial running during the end of this term!

I hope you enjoy and will find these badges motivational to your Homework post write ups!

Scrivenshaft's Seal of Scribing Spiffiness: Scrivenshafts bestows this gilded eagle-feather quill on Hogwarts pupils whose student essays meet the highest standards of literary excellence. Awarded for poetry, beautiful storytelling, or a particularly well-crafted OWL proposal with all the bullet points lined up just so.

Hermione Jean Weasley Award for Excellence in Magical Research: Hermione showed astounding skill for adapting to and understanding the magical world even though she was raised in a Muggle family. Her badge is given to students who show a similar knowledge of or enthusiasm for all things magical, whether from a Muggle or Magical background. Awarded for particularly creative roleplaying or other demonstrations of magical knowledge when fulfilling the requirements of a class (or other) prompt.

Colin Creevey Memorial Award for Photojournalism: For those not quite so literarily inclined, we are proud to present the Creevey Award for beautiful, creative, and/or technically spectacular photography in a class turn-in post.

Weasleys' Wild-Fire Whiz-bang Award for Magical Mayhem: The folks at WWW are happy to help encourage the next generation of Hogwarts' genius pranksters by awarding this badge for outstanding humor, mayhem, or otherwise not so much thinking outside the box as folding an origami hippogryff out of it. Awarded for all things funny and off-the-wall.

What do we think? Exciting huh? I can’t wait to see some of these awarded, so time to get creative!

Thanks Sarahtheentwife!

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