Monday, June 27, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

Monday is such a great time to do the House Cup Happenings. After the weekend, there's an explosion of finished (or at least greatly advanced toward finished!) projects -- a blossom of creativity!

Care of Magical Creatures

DonaQuixote wow'd with a shawl made from their own handspun!


FrancineM dyed a lustrous braid of fiber -- I can't wait to see how it spins up!

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Forget who you're in love with now -- abjoerge's lovers' mittens are the new loves of your life!


Ketronya's blanket is the perfect embodiment of love.


nerdytogether crocheted the most delectable little trifle of a scarf -- it's like airy strands of sugar!


jwill's project left me nearly speechless with delight, so I'll just leave you with two words: CARMEN FLAMINGO!

History of Magic

mimulus's adorable elephant friend will charm anyone, regardless of House allegiances!

Muggle Studies

01Tangled's aren't ones you'll want to eat -- wool in the teeth is so distressing -- but feel free to coo and squee over them!


PEby's lovely spinning efforts are giving me guilt about not touching my wheel in well, forever! Must get on that...

What a wonderful term! Good luck to all those still finishing!


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