Friday, June 24, 2011

Felix Felicis Friday

Good morning Hogwartians.  It is the last Friday of the month when we set down our studies and our OWLs that are at 49.99% say goodbye to June.

I always enjoy the common room chatter at the end of the midterm when everyone is frantically conjuring OWL on the half shell or throwing down their wand and saying, "Oooo look a Headmistress Challenge!"  Long range quidditch practices are taking shape and homework is flying out of the commonrooms into the classrooms.

The Felix Felicis question for June was, "You have joined a magical crafting swap. Your secret swap partner is Minerva McGonagall. The rules of the swap say you must use divination to come up with package contents which must include: her favorite candy and a knit or crocheted accessory. What would you send her?" 

And the winner is ....Vertigo1414 who said, "I would get her a chocolate frog, since what woman doesn't love chocolate! As far as a knitted item I would make her a felted cat toy/pillow. Big enough to use as a couch pillow, but small enough to bat around in cat mode." 

I really love the idea of being playful in your animagus form.  So my dear Gryffindor pal, pm me your address in Ravelry and I'll be sending you an adorable little turtle that functions as a tape measure.

And now, the Felix Felicis Question for July is as follows.  You've been employed in R&D at Weasley's Wizard Wheezies to create gag crafting notions.  Which notion would you use and what would it's joke element be?  Maybe stitch markers that inexplicably tighten as you work until you cannot get them off the needles?

You have until July 28 to leave a comment in this post with your answer.  And again, my legimency isn't what it used to be.  If you don't leave your rav name with your comment I may not be able to find you with your prize.

Have a great final few days of June and good luck with your OWLs.

Rockinsticks signing out.


Emily said...

Since I (and the Messrs. Weasley) know better than to make the knitters in our lives truly angry or frustrated, I have decided to develop a gag that will make both the knitter and the gift-giver laugh: Blocking mats that tell knitting-related jokes, give complements, and occasionally scream whenever you push a pin in them.


Merenwen said...

How about a gauge ruler that has numbers that jump and wriggle around, so that you can't measure your work properly?


isisonearth said...

Needles that knit when you aren't looking but don't follow the pattern!

Imagine trying to figure that out when you pulled it out of your knitting bag. You'd wonder what in the world you were doing last time you worked on it.

The Knitted Juggler said...


I love the idea of a knitting gag. I think the best would be yarn that changes to really ugly colors. Get the most beautiful yarn, and have it turn into colors like Earwax, Cowchip, and day old vomit. Blech!
If it wasnt a knitting gag.
Loose Lips lollipops! With one, you'll be telling the most random thoughts that cross your mind to everyone you know.

LambChop00 said...

Knitting needles that change the color of your yarn as you knit, but once you bind off, it returns to its normal color. And stitch markers that move themselves when no one is looking.

Angela said...

I would create a cashmere like fiber, in sophisticated colors that sprouts garishly colored fun fur hairs upon blocking.

nwheatley said...

A darning needle that randomly gets a slit in the eye and releases the yarn so that when you pull the needle through your work the yarn does not follow.

Anonymous said...

OH. Invisible tapestry needles. You know, so every time a crafter needs one, much fumbling through purses an notions boxes will ensue...

Oh. Wait. These do that on their own anyway.


Anonymous said...

I'd create needles that change size randomly so you'd have tight and loose parts in your knitting, besides your gauge would be... totally random too!

Jen said...

A measuring tape that changes size while you are measuring. Imagine measuring the body of a sweater and never getting the same size!

Now that I think about it, my measuring tape may already have this element on it.


Darlene said...

If I were to develop a gag Knitting notion, it would be sets of knitting needles that help you keep working on those WIPs that proliferate like bunnies. The needles would have a built in timer, and if they hadn't been used for at least 20 minutes in say, 2 weeks, they would start playing the most annoying music on the face of the earth. You know the ones -- that stick in your brain and play over and over again until you want to scream?

I see a huge sales volume coming from the significant others of knitters being buried in WIP bags.;)


oriocookie said...

I would create dangle-ly stitch markers that get heavier the longer they are on the same project, causing the project to get really heavy unless it is knitted quickly. They would return to normal once removed from the project so they can be used on the next one.

I can see it now.....

DH: "honey, what are you doing at 2 am?"
Me: "knitting, these stitch markers weigh a pound each and they will only get heavier if I don't finish this shawl NOW!"
DH: "uhhh..okay, have fun with that."


Anonymous said...

Confuzzle here...

Since my needles tend to do this anyway (I SWEAR somebody cursed them when I wasn't looking!), I would develop both knitting needles and crochet hooks that would irreversibly tangle the yarn for a project instead of working it up in the proper manner. The only way they can be confounded is for the user to keep a careful eye on them and mutter the occasional cruel word or phrase to help keep them in line.

Sarah Woodbury said...

The Wheeze I would invent already exist in house, I'm pretty sure--needles that cast on new projects when you aren't looking!