Friday, June 3, 2011

Firstie Friday!

Howdy all! Aunttallulah here! Hope your month was productive fun with no stress!


I asked a question of both  Firsties & NQFY's to see houw there first month went for them.
Here is a sampling of their replies:

I started a tad on the late side, here for a tish over 1 week.
I am finding the theme marvelous and very fun. It has helped me finish my sons socks, as I was starting to lag just a bit. I was raised to be competitive (used to compete horses and train) and truly appreciate the incentive to get projects done and challenge oneself.
I think that expecting something once a month of any sized project very reasonable, and I was able to get two projects in for the short time I have been here. –thebarof

It’s been an awesome month! It’s hard to believe that only a month ago we were all so anxious about sorting and how we would fit into our houses. I truly love being in Hufflepuff and the competitions have been so much fun. Most of us played all out as NicFee but there’s just some little extra glow in being part of a house. It gave me such a boost I’ve managed to turn in 6 classes, 3 Quaffles, 2 Detention projects, and I’ve made progress on my OWL. It feels fantastic! - nwheatley

I can’t believe it’s been a month… and I can’t believe I was sooooo anxious about the sorting! (heehee) The hat did good, I love my housemates. I fit in. I feel loved. I’m making new things I would never have tried! A SHAWL!?! What’s up with that? Double-knitting? holy cow! DH has now grown accustomed to the crazy. When I ask him to fork over his phone (it has a better camera than mine) and spend 20 minutes taking close-up pictures of knitting he no longer stares and asks if I’m feeling ok. He now knows that when I type “DH” I’m talking about him, too …. which is a bit of curse. He used to think it meant Designated Hitter!!! HAAHAA – ClanMac

I’ve really enjoyed my first month of term! As an avid Harry Potter fan, the themed game is fun in the first place. I love having a little extra incentive to finish my projects, and thinking about class prompts has made me think more creatively about my knitting. Also, everyone on the forum has been so supportive and complimentary and just…nice! It’s been great fun so far! :)

I agree with the others, it has flown by! I learned new skills… Dying, crocheting jewelry, and even spinning! I have a beautiful sparkly Trindle, and although I’m not very good at spinning yet, I have learned a lot about it and will get better and better. I cannot fathom what is next!! – katiemc1229

I’m still amazed at how much I’m learning about knitting. I am working on my first shawl, I’ve got a few cakes of yarn in a mini-stash, I made my first hat and completed my first colorwork, I knit my first toy and my first illusion on my first finished dishcloth. I also started spinning and am really enjoying it, even if the learning is coming far slower than it is with the knitting.
I think one of the best things about this month is how close we former NQFYs are. I remember being worried that when we went our seperate ways in the castle we’d sort of lose touch, but I feel like I know you all better and I’m feeling closer to you than I did even last term. Maybe it’s because we’re all choosing to be here and stay in touch whereas before it was just the place for us to be, I don’t know, but I do know that I’m not worried anymore that we’ll all lose each other once we’re not Firsties with a special lounge anymore. I know we’ll find a space and I know we’ll stay friends.  - RiverCameron

I  think this says it all! May you have a fantastic weekend full of love, fun and most importantly, yarn.

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