Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome to Terrific Movie Tuesdays!

Welcome to Terrific Movie Tuesdays with spartyliblover!  I know what you’re thinking, “but it’s Wednesday,” which is true.  I will be posting on Tuesdays throughout the term; I just didn’t have any internet access yesterday to post (because I was getting my braces off!).

So now that I have lovely, straight, no open bite, teeth I will get down to business.  My hope with Tuesday’s is to give you some muggle movie inspiration for classes each week.  Whether it’s something for you to watch to find something to make for a class, or just something I’m excited about in the muggle movie world, I’ll be posting it here.  Know that every week those muggle versions of Harry Potter will fit to serve as inspiration, but I won’t be talking about them in general.  This week I’ll be focusing on Care of Magical Creatures.
For Care of Magical Creatures this month the focus is on treasure!  I love nifflers, and like Ron, remember thinking that one would be a great pet, until Hagrid explained how much they like to destroy things.  Wonder if I could house train one?
For me one of my favorite movies about treasure is National Treasure.  I love the adventure and the cheesiness of it (plus Nicholas Cage makes my hotties list).  I prefer the first, although both have great treasure rooms for your inspiration (and both of them have a scene in the Library of Congress, which my librarian heart loves).  I know that I for one would love a large greenish-blueish man like Riley finds.
Another movie with lots of treasure (and more than it’s fair share of hotties) is Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.  While it’s all forbidden treasure that Barbosa finds (and it turns you into some type of zombie) there is a lot of neat stuff that would be fun to create. Plus any movie with pirates has to involve treasure since all pirates love treasure!
All four of the Indiana Jones movies involve a treasure hunt of some type.  If you’re keeping up on the hottie watch, they all have Harrison Ford, Raiders of the Lost Ark has Sean Conery (my favorite James Bond) and Kingdom of the Crystal skull adds Shia LaBuff (but back to the movie stuff).  Indy also spends a lot of time trying to keep whatever the treasure is out of the hands of bad guys (and you know you’ve always wanted a sweet satchel for your treasure hunting adventures).  Or maybe you need a magic whip to help you keep your treasure safe.  It’s all up to you.

Hopefully one of these three treasure hunting movie franchises can help to inspire you in your quest to make treasure, something to keep treasure safe, or something that’s a combination of the two for Care of Magical Creatures this month.  There are also plenty of other treasure movies, but these three are the first to pop into my mind. 
One last thing before I go.  I’ve had a few requests from students outside of Gryffindor for the link to my class summary doc.  If you’d like a quick summary of each class (it’s honestly just copied and pasted from each prompt) you can find it here.  I make one each month and will try to remember to post it the first Tuesday so anyone that would like to find it can.
Enjoy the rest of your week, and I’ll see ya’ll next week for some Defense Against the Dark Arts inspiration!

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