Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coming Attractions

Greetings all you new and returning Hogwarts students.  The sorting hat has asked me to come out and entertain you while you await the main event.

So here we are a mere 2 days from the first day of classes.  As you jostle your train trolley through the platform barrier let me tell you about the excitement planned for the blog this term.

Mondays will herald the return of TheHeroComplex who will continue to cover the House Cup Happenings, highlighting the work of the student body.  Make sure you check in, you never know when one of your own brilliant pieces of spellwork will be featured.

On Tuesday's Spartyliblover will entertain us with mysterious recommendations that might just tie into our homework and might just make you laugh.

Wednesdays Ali123 will bring us all the latest Quidditch coverage along with some student interviews.  If you get a pm from Ali123 play nice and grant her the interview.  You'll be kind of famous.

Every Thursday will feature a project of note or an extraordinary homework write up.  Do you absolutely thrive on the creative writing opportunities afforded by your participation in the house cup?  Do you strive to write a post that will make the professor laugh, or weep with joy?  Then you might just find Inkslinger1121 turning her spotlight on you.

Fridays will be devoted to the first year and NQFY experience.  Slytherin hopeful AuntTallulah will be showing us the world through firsty colored spectacles.

EXCEPT for the last Friday of the month.  Yes, back by popular demand we will have Felix Felicis Fridays.  For those of you new to the blog here is how it works.  I drink a bottle of ask you a question that somehow in my brain ties crafting and the Potterverse together, you leave a comment and answer the question.   On the last Friday of the month I choose the winning answer, send you a little gift and pose the next month's question.

So here we go.  The May Felix Felicis question of the month is this.  If you could spin the fiber from one magical creature what would it be and what would you craft with the resulting yarn?  You have until Thursday May 26th to leave a comment in this post with your answer.  If you have a different Google name than Rav name make sure you note your Rav name so I can contact you should you miss your winning announcement.

Go dust off that stash and find your reading glasses.  Its going to be a great Spring Term and a wild ride on the blog.

- Rockinsticks
  Slytherin by birth
  Snide by choice
  Editor in chief.


Nicole said...

If I could spin the fiber from any magical creature, I would spin yarn from unicorn hair, and I would make a headband and a set of gloves. :)

HermioneWeasley on rav

Bobbi said...

I would like to spin acromantula silk. Spider silk is well known for its strength, so a magical member of the spider family would produce a silk of unbelievable tensile properties. I think socks of this yarn would be indestructable.
My ravelry name is Bobbilicious.

Angela said...

I would spin Pygmy Puff fur, into yarn for some adorable baby girl clothes.


Coriander said...

I would spin the fiber from a Demiguise (their fur is used to make invisibility cloaks) and make myself a comfy, oversized overcoat that I could wrap myself in when I wanted to disappear from a crowd or other uncomfortable situation.

CorianderLeaves on Ravelry

mio said...

I'd spin yarn from the hair of a blast-ended skrewt because I'm nutty that way, and seriously... the things have to be good for SOMEthing, right?

Merenwen said...

I would spin unicorn hair into a light yarn and make a lacy scarf or shawl.

(Merenwen on Ravelry)

oriocookie said...

I would spin fiber from a Graphorn. From the book , Fantastic Beasts and Were to find them , they are greyish purple and their hide is tougher than a dragon's and repels most spells. I think that cobweb or lace weight yarn spun from this creature would yield very strong yarn to make into a beautiful shawl.


LFSAlden said...

Demiguise hair, of course!

and... I'd make a nightie out of it...


isisonearth said...

Funny you should ask that. I have several skeins of magical creature fiber in my stash. One is Acromantula hair carded with silk from the same creature. (the other two are Demiguise and Camelopard)

I eventually plan to knit all three into a shawl.

Anonymous said...

Mornglory, NQFY here. I would very kindly ask a vela if I could spin her beautiful hair into a lovely yarn, out of which I would crochet a delectable corset belt I could then have all the men trailing me around so I could take my pick of them.

Cori said...

Hmmm, I wonder if I could convince a Hippogryff to share some of its fur with me. Then I would spin it into a wonderful strong yarn and make a cloak from it.

coribug on Rav

Amy said...

I'd spin Abraxan hair. I've always wanted a winged horse and we'd share the single malt whiskey. With the resulting yarn I'd make a hat, yes I think a horse hair hat would be fitting. :D


Kii's Mom said...
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nightrae said...

I think I have to go with mermaid hair. I'm not a huge fan of the water, but I think I could knit this handspun into a scarf with some sort of water-repellant properties. And even if it only keeps the rain away, that's good enough for me!