Tuesday, May 31, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

Hello my dearies! I decided to wait till the clock turned to June before posting this week's House Cup Happenings, so I'd be sure not to miss any project. Let's get to the good stuff! It's the end of this term, so I really, strongly, powerfully recommend that everyone reads through the class threads. Truly amazing work was done this term!

Ancient Runes

Even a cunning, cold-hearted Slytherin can be inspired by the Gryffindor pride clmnj58 showed in crafting their pillow!


ainn demonstrated the beauty of random placement, and how much fun leaving things up to chance can be.

Care of Magical Creatures

yarnvista, may I be one of your treasured ones? Simply so I can snuggle under your blanket, of course.


DonaQuixote blew me away -- this is their first plied project! My wheel is glaring at me from its corner...

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Dawntreader7 evokes my beloved Cape Cod with their rustic, romantic Hemlock Ring blanket.


Susi's whimsical purse is just what a fairy tale heroine needs to hold her quest items, don't you think?

History of Magic

frimptes's hat is proof that a project can be both hilarious and gorgeous at the same time. Very Alice-in-Wonderland!

Muggle Studies

mma took their inspiration from the sea, and knitted a cool blue cardigan that's perfect for wandering on a jetty or picking up seashells near the sea's edge.


tiggersjp crocheted the most cuddly, most-covetable pillow I've seen! My birthday's in January...;)

Congratulations on a great term, everyone! Ready for June?

Love and scales,

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