Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Last Day of May Everyone!

I'm bringing you your last Magical Movie Tuesday for the month of May!

I hope everyone has had a great first month of Spring/Summer Term and is madly finishing up that last class or starting on their last quaffle contribution.  I know that I will be spending my plane flight this morning madly trying to finish a sweater for Muggle Studies!  But my drive the next two days to move all my stuff to my new job will be consumed with OWL work and that last quaffle match (why yes I packed little balls of yarn in all the colors I need to make Harry, Ron, and Hermione finger puppets, why do you ask?).
Since it’s the last day of the month and all May classes (for full or partial points) are due by midnight PST tonight as are all OWL proposals that you want considered, I’ve got a couple funny movies to help you get through your late night.
Shrek (or I suppose any of the sequels).  I find movies that I can laugh at help me stay up and Shrek is certainly one of the funniest movies that I love to watch over and over.  One of the things I love is how there’s always something little I missed the last time I watched it that I pick up this time.  Plus it’s fun to think back to when I first saw it as a kid and how many of the jokes I didn’t get then. 
Legally Blonde.  While I’ve never been a fan of blonde jokes (being blonde myself) this has always been a favorite for staying up late to watch that “movie that came on tv when I said I was going to bed.”  Ms. Witherspoon gets up to some crazy antics in her quest for a law degree that will make you laugh!
10 Things I Hate About You.  Yet another movie that if it comes on late at night I will stay up to watch even though I own it and should go to bed.  Maybe it’s because I love Heath Ledger, or maybe it’s because I always want to go play that water balloon/paint ball game that they have in the middle, or maybe it’s Heath’s signing in the football stadium.  I might just have to watch it again to figure it out.

I hope all of you are able to get that last thing done today and turned in!  Good luck on Quidditch everyone.  And I’ll see everyone in June!

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