Friday, March 11, 2011

Firstie Friday!

Hello fellow House Cuppers! Can you believe it? It's nearing the end of the Hogwarts "year" already! And what a time it has been for me, a First Year! I don't know about the rest of you, but my first year has been a trajectory of feast of famine, so to speak.

I started out in January (after a restful holiday break, mind you) full of energy and ambition, finishing 6 projects and earning a HECK and St. Mungo's badge along the way. Nothing was going to stop me, no way! I was cranking out knit projects like there was no tomorrow: you'd like a knit hat you say, DD? Sure, no problem! A couple of swaps? Easy! Charity project? You bet! My fingers were flying faster than an angry witch on a broomstick!

...Then February hit me in the face like a brick wall. Not only was it the shortest month, but also the coldest,snowiest and darkest; not to mention the start up of graduate classes and increased craziness at work for me. The famine part hit when I managed to barely submit 2 projects at the twelfth hour. Oh no! I was a wizarding failure! I was going to flunk out without even having attempted an OWL!

...O.K. Well, March came and I got the first glimmer of spring - there was a bulb sprouting in my yard, I finished one grad class, my kids were back in school on a regular basis , and I began to regroup. I reigned in my fanaticism of the first month while putting a lid on the apathy of the second one. This third month of my first year as a House Cupper is on a far more even keel. I have undertaken 3 involved, yet meaningful and achieveable projects: two swaps and a Travelling Scarf . I am really enjoying taking the time to focus on each one and see it come to life. I am reestablishing the pleasure of simply knitting for knitting's sake, not the mad desire for quantity instead of quality.

In reviewing my first year, I guess it is a necessary progression to go through. You know, that total excitement and crazy immersion into something new that you really love and then you overdo it. Kind of like that box of chocolates you got for Valentine's Day - oh boy, do you dig in and stuff yourself until you decide you can't bear the sight of those same chocolates! Then you realize that "everything in moderation" is a good adage to live by...
...unless, of course, you are talking about that new varigated sock yarn you just bought and have to knit up into socks this minute, and the great shawl pattern you just saw that you want to try, and that cute amigurumi animal that is just begging to be crocheted...well, a girl can try, can't she?!
The photo is of my HPKCHC Travelling Scarf. I said bye-bye to it about 2 weeks ago. I can't wait to get it back, eleven knitters later, to see what it looks like!

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