Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weasley Worthy

Time for another look at the House Cup Funnies.  As students headed off to Hogsmeade for the weekend our esteemed Headmistress and witch about town summed up her role this way, "Headmistress, armed with a bowl of lo mein and an eggroll of deliciousness comes to an intersection in hogsmeade, pulls out her wand, and mutters eyeballius.  Headmistress and spare set of eyeballs go in different directions at once.Handy spell that.  I believe they forgot to teach me that one in the maternity ward.

Over in Zonko's Joke Shop Mushroom cracked up the group with her favorite kid joke,
 What's green and has wheels?
 Grass, I lied about the wheels.

And Knitmania contributed this Gothic gem,
  What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?

Come on, I know you have an inner 7 year old that is rolling on the floor over those two.

Down the street a bit in Gladrags Wizardwear Charms professor Mightygoodyarn let down her hair proclaiming, " I am more than happy to participate on a team called the Butterbeer Mountain Skinny Dippers.  Just think of the sponsorships we could get!  We can do our press photos in the Snake Pit…"  I knew she was a secret Slytherin.

Alas, not everyone was able to get a permission slip for the weekend.  Back in the Care of Magical Creatures classroom Aksherry turned in the following.
"I am terrified of birds. Outside birds are ok, but inside birds. Shudder I am sure they are very sweet, but when they start gaggin at me and doing those scary bird eyes….

So, please, it is time for the baby Fwooper to go back to the classroom. This month I chose to craft a pair of Monkey socks, screamin’ ugly monkeys. They fit into option 1 and 2. They are very brightly colored and incessantly annoying(color.) I tried as hard as I could to make them fit on my ears for option 3, but it just didn’t work.

These make me think of regurgitated, not quite ripe tomatoes. Not that I have seen this, but I think that this is what it would look like. They do fit very well though."

Down in the Potions lab Slightlyfoxed turned in her covert potion cozy.
"My theory is that anything too bright or unusual is bound to gain Filch’s attention.  Better go with the more simple, such as a piece of fruit.

However, it is a clever container for love potion, such as lip ointment or….Kentucky jelly (if you know what I mean, and I think you do).

 After all, a girl likes to know she has a nice pear."

Out on the Quidditch Pitch NQFY RiverCameron practiced her cheers.
 "You might be good at basket ball,
  You might be good at track
  But when it comes to crocheting socks
  You might as well step back.
  Say what?
  You might as well step back."

Well that's if for the February edition of Weasley Worthy.  Don't forget to go here and leave an answer to this month's Felix Felicis Friday question.

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