Friday, February 18, 2011

Firstie Friday!

Hi, House Cuppers! How is everybody this week? And how about that Hogsmeade weekend? Whew, I know I've needed this whole week to recover!

What did you accomplish last weekend at Hogsmeade? I was able to get an entire homework assignment knit up! Granted, it was a tiny homework assignment, but still... I made a hat for an itty bitty Gryffinclaw Quidditch player! The other members of my team were GazeboGal (socks!), RiverCameron (scarf!), and nevelyn (sweater!). We had a blast, but I've got to say, between that hat and all the lovebugs I've been working on, knitting little stuff is frustrating! I mean, it's really cute and all (My sweetheart<3 thinks the hat is just the greatest gift ever, and promises to cherish it forever, even though I told him that I'm only giving it to him so that I can get credit for Herbology.), but I actually bent a needle! I think I just knit too tight. :( But here it is!:

Had to have the lion in there!

Other Hogsmeade news: I got a good chunk of the scarf done for my CoMC OWL (which I have since had to rip out :'( ), plus a couple more rows of the gauntlets. I didn't reach the 50% mark at Hogsmeade, but I definitely will this weekend. I'll also have time to finish another homework assignment, maybe two.

What did you guys think of all the other Hogsmeade fun and games? I, for one, had a blast solving the puzzles in Scrivenshaft's and submitting one-liners for the story in the Shrieking Shack, and the Pets on Parade were super fun! Oh, and Diagon Alley definitely reminded me to get cracking on stuff for my etsy shop, which I plan to stock next month! I plan to sell homemade beauty products and beaded goodies, like stitch markers and bookmarks and jewelry and such. Homemade beauty products = <3.

As for the rest of this past week, I got even more work done on my OWL, nearly finished another homework assignment (which I will finish this weekend), bought more yarn I couldn't afford, and... Oh, my gosh! Speaking of yarn I couldn't afford, I got the yarn for the Gryffindor scarf, hat, and mittens set I've been wanting to make for what feels like forever, and it is absolutely beautiful! Even my dad, who is never too happy when I spend money, saw it and was like, "Wow, that yarn is beautiful! Those colors are really great! What are you going to make with it?" (I will never cease to be in open-mouthed awe over his interest in my knitting.) I'm really excited about it, because I totally took a color risk. (Me, taking knitting-related risks... Who would've thought?! Of course, they don't always turn out well... *grumbles about ripped-out OWL scarf*) The color I chose for the gold is Cascade 220's California Poppy, a color that only one person in all of Ravelry (at least out of those who have actually listed their yarn colors) have ever used in a Gryffindor scarf. I don't know why, but I just didn't feel like the other gold colors were quite right, so after hours of comparing various yarn photos to various photos from the Harry Potter movies (Yes, I am that OCD.), I decided on California Poppy, and I have not been disappointed! Seriously, I think the color is just perfect (although I'm sure many people disagree, seeing as this color has only been chosen once before now, but I enjoy being a rebel :) )! Yay, and on that note, wow, have I rambled... *blushes* See you next week, guys?

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