Friday, February 11, 2011

It's a Friday, and I'm a Firstie!

Good morning, House Cuppers! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and is all bundled up and ready to go to Hogsmeade! I know I am! Seriously, I cleared my entire schedule (Well, all except for a baby shower, but how mean would I be if I told her that my obsession with being a good Hogwarts student was more important than her baby?)! I'm going to get so much knitting done though! My Hogsmeade Weekend knitting plans: 1) Start and finish at least 1 (preferably 2) more homework assignment(s). 2) Finish at least 1 project for Detention. 3) Work on my OWL until it is at least 50% complete (because I am way behind!). Anybody been to Gladrags Wizardwear yet? I'm looking for a team!

So far, I've only completed 1 of the 8 homework assignments I've planned for this month. The rest are pretty small though, and I'm still waiting on the yarn. I'm not worried. I will make it to St. Mungo's! Yes, a badge is totally enough to motivate me! Actually, most of my planned homework assignments are gifts with deadlines, so I have to finish them on time. And I really do wanna St. Mungo's badge too. :)

Wow, guys, look at me! I'm so confident for somebody who's only been knitting for less than 3 months! I'm totally blaming it on the House Cup! I just want to participate in everything so much! There's also so much stuff I wanna make, stuff I never imagined wanting to knit. Socks? I've never really been a fan. I hate wearing socks. I bet I'm totally going to love wearing the ones I make myself (This prediction just may have something to do with the 2 gorgeous skeins of sock yarn I recently received in a swap, and the 1 I bought myself for my birthday...)! Washcloths? Why would I want to knit a washcloth? They're so easy to get at the store, and so cheap too. Lie. My sister received a hand-knit washcloth in the same swap in which I got my 2 skeins of to-die-for sock yarn, and I am now planning to knit myself an entire set! Coasters? But why? Because I got one in the mail yesterday for a homemade Valentine's Day card swap, and it looks like a rug, and it is just so precious! So anyway, thank you, House Cup, for getting me so into all these swaps and things in the first place! And for giving me so many opportunities to see the beautiful, funny, random, precious, adorable, complicated, simple-but-truly-great, etc. things that you all create! It's all just so inspirational!

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