Thursday, February 10, 2011

House Cup Stories

This is the first of a seres of interviews with different House Cup participants. The purpose is to get to know some of the amazing people who are hanging out here at Hogwarts with us! Our first interviewee is Gothknitty (aka Emma) hails from Surrey, England, and works from home as a wigmaker. The wigs are for theatrical purposes and she has also done some beards for British television and sideburns for The Wolfman!

Right-handed Emma first learned to knit, at the age of 8 or 9, from her left-handed mum , which was quite difficult! Her first project was an attempt at a Dr. Who scarf. She learned to crochet last year, from a friend, so that she could make a pair of Dragon Gauntlets.

Emma's favorite things to make are "surprises" or a pattern she likes for someone else. Although, she states, she is "yet to see my MIL's dog wearing the balaclava that I made for her!" She says that the Chap's Viking Hoodie is "quite possibly my favourite thing on my project page". Her least favorite items to make are those that she has been asked to make "unless I am really into the pattern".

Outside of fiber arts, Emma reads a lot and quite often listens to audio books so that she can craft while she is listening. She enjoys having her cat curled up on her lap as she works. Emma also goes on "walks" (I would call these major hikes!) that extend over 5-6 days, staying at B&Bs along the way. So far, she has done marathons, Hadrian's Wall, and St. Cuthbert's Way.

Emma is very happy to be a first year Slytherin. She says, "There is a real feel of family there. I don't feel like the freaky outsider!!! We all seem to think with a slightly darker/deviant twist and that is great with me." Emma loves the sense of community and focus she gets from HPKCHC and says it gives her "the drive to get projects made and completed". She also believes that the class assignments have helped her come up with project ideas. "I've really managed to burn quite a hole into my stash in these first couple of months!", she exclaims.

What attracted me to selecting gothknitty as our first featured Cupper? Why, this photo, of course, of her knitting in pink, a color that she is particularly "allergic" to!

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