Sunday, February 6, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

Hello again everyone! It's time for the first HCH of the second term -- here goes!


My cold heart was warmed by maigret's Frank, the Slytherbunny!

I adore the bright colors in yorkieslave's spinning!

lea67000 managed to commemorate several February holidays at once with her 12"x12" square!

Care of Magical Creatures

rondaletts discovered a way to protect puppy feet with style!

GothKnitty braved a massive allergic reaction to bring us bright colors:

solfjader's baby Fwooper colors are enough to banish winter's dull palette:


JillyMac's lovely spinning invokes the soothing sounds of both the ocean and Enya:

rockinsticks made the perfect bad-day pincushion (for when that awful boss/coworker isn't in reach)!

yarnvista crafted a witty, lovely hat:

Defense Against the Dark Arts

KnitWit685, you have crafted what is possibly the world's first totally effective protection from a love charm!

My love for colorwork is well-documented and Shashafia's colorwork musical mitts is no exception!

Travelista's felted Cadbury Egg Substitute is as pretty as the real thing is delicious!


YellowRaincoat, your socks are delightful! Even Umbridge would have to smile when she sees them.

croppingwithcare's Knittied Viking Helmet is beautiful and hilarious!

I'd love to have whimsytaylor's lovely shawl around my shoulders.


Jiccho knitted a warm and lovely "blaze" of a blanket.

Themuffinjan's project was all about sibling generosity:

jesseknits combined fire, love and healing in one gorgeous project:

History of Magic

knitmainea translated the beautiful colors of saltwater taffy into a cheery hotpad:

sillyfru, your faerie floss is so tempting! Do you deliver?

maigret appears again with a luscious, macaron-inspired hat!


sandandsky, how many love potions can you fit in your hat?

BrittneyK looked to the garden patch for inspiration on her camouflage project!

01Tangled, I'm not sure how ethical it is to give Amortentia to Muggles, but I love the packaging! :)


rockinsticks created a project to help protect us from the Dark Arts!

stacymarie's peekaboo elf is a pleasant protector for her needles!

isisonearth's Grape Jelly handspun is making me crave a classic Muggle sandwich -- peanut butter and jelly!

We're already off to a wonderful start this term! Thank you, everyone!

Love and scales,

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