Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Friday with a Firstie!

Good morning, fellow House Cuppers! HermioneWeasley here; it's a Friday, and I'm a firstie, and you guys know what that means!

"Whew! Is it February already?! Where did January go?! I only completed two projects (out of the planned six)!" Does anybody else feel this way? My first month in the House Cup definitely breezed right on by, but I thoroughly enjoyed it (No, I'm not a Type A Personality...)! I actually feel pretty accomplished, even though I didn't finish four of the six projects I had planned, because one of my FOs took way more time than I anticipated. Hey, I learned how to do mattress stitch though! And I'm absolutely in love with the FO:

My Invigoration Draught! for Potions. I really didn't know what to expect in regards to class prompts, but they were really great! This month's are awesome too; wouldn't you agree? What are the rest of you House Cuppers planning to make this month (and/or what have you speedy crafters already made this month)? I'm currently working on a scarf for my little sister. It's all garter stitch, nothing fancy, but she's 4, and she picked out the yarn herself, so it'll be super special to her. :) I should be able to finish it today, and then I've got some serious catching up to do on my OWL. That's right, it's only my second month in the House Cup, and I'm already behind! I'm fully confident in my ability to catch up though. I've got a lot of crafting time planned for this month, and I plan to get right back on the train to St. Mungo's! We'll see if I can actually do it, seeing as I need to turn in an assignment for all eight classes to do so...

What are you guys crafting this month? Are your plans as crazy as mine is? Seventh years, do the plans ever get less crazy?


Lori said...
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Lori said...

Hey HermioneWeasley!
I got 3.5 projects done last month and have plans for all 8 classes this term I've already finished 3. I'm like you I want to do St Mungo's so very bad so am going to try to do all 8 classes this month. I'm also behind on my OWL but I did make something for Quidditch!

So you've got company in the firstie compartment of the crazy train!