Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ask A Ravenclaw

Soprano1 looks up from her OWL knitting , on which she has been concentrating all evening, to see Peck flying around her head in frantic circles.

::Person! Person! Peck have Big Idea for ee Good Question::

Peck drops a tightly rolled piece of parchment in Soprano1's lap.

Dear Soprano1,

When is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

Alice in Wonderland

Well, first off, of course, it's "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" unless you've been watching a Muggle film adaptation of Alice. :)  If you really must know, there's an acceptable answer here... but when we turned to Ravenclaw Gingerlucy for an answer, we found out the depth to which the answer truly outclasses the question.

Gingerlucy told us that, indeed, a Raven is not at all like a writing desk.  A baby owl, on the other hand, is very much like a writing desk if you hold it like this, though I'm not sure I'd want to try to write on it:

A golden eagle could carry a writing desk, I think.  Here is one about to fly away with Gingerlucy:

And... well... these aren't at all like a writing desk.  But then, they're kestrels, so why would they be?

They are awfully cute, aren't they?  Gingerlucy's pretty adorable too, IMHO.

So there you have it, one more fact-filled answer from Ravenclaw Tower! Peck wants to play with those baby kestrels, Gingerlucy... do you think they'd eat him for breakfast?



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