Sunday, January 30, 2011

House Cup Happenings!

Hello, Cuppers! I'm sorry for my absence last week -- real life took over. Going through your projects has been such a bright spot and I can't thank you enough.

So let's get started! I hope you have a cup of tea and a snack -- this promises to be another huge post!


I absolutely love Vallana's eye-catching Odds and Sods scarf -- it's making me itch to learn crochet!

pacasha spun 800 yards of felted laceweight! Congratulations :)

sdhsmc86 learned a bunch of new techniques for her Rodekool scarf, including the Italian cast-on and two-color brioche stitch!

canadiadry knit her first sweater! Slytherin pride indeed!

katherine finished a sweater in a month too!

I'm super jealous of the recipient ofcysiphist's handwarmers!

Jayannell spun up 394 yards of the smooshiest-looking yarn I've seen in months!


Who can resistdamiknitter's super-adorable washer set?

TheWindWraith's beret is the perfect shade of red -- just perfect all around.

I love the delicacy of irishlacenet's Tea Thing!

jaydee, the name "clapochet" had me giggling for a while!

losingcount's lovely Selbu Modern speaks directly to my love of colorwork!

purzelonline, I am coveting your Shur'tugal socks!


mimulus, does your Mister Toad have a car?

leesy, that's one lucky little girl, who gets to wear your dress!

AmyPC crocheted the perfect blanket for chilly winter mornings.

PollyWoggers wins for having the most squee-inducing recipient this week!

curiouskate gives us another fabulous piece of lacework!

bewilderbeast, Little, Big is one of my favorite books too! Your socks are gorgeous too.

ShylahAddante, all I can say is HOLY KNEAZLES!

boppingbeth made the perfect dress-up-or-down cardigan!


GirlyWithATwist's addition of a hood to the FLS is great!

mi5chicken's hippo slippers would have me laughing every time I saw my feet.

bcts1022, those spiders are amazing!

beeca -- beaded lace? GORGEOUS.

TheDoctorsPlusOne's sweater is, in a word, FANTASTIC!

angelorum made the cutest pants for the most adorable recipient.

greeheron gets the weekly "oh daaaaaaang" award.


DrusillaWormwood made this delicious colorwork bag!

alexist perfectly evokes spring with her socks.

Snowqueen73, it would be an honor to have tea with someone who crafted such a lovely tea cozy!

xamonster crafted a beard worthy of the gods!

PrincessOnica has inspired me to make my own heart garland!

All the snow surrounding me is making me covet JasminJaquine's sunny socks!

Defense Against The Dark Arts

theknittingcat's hat reminds me of Creepy Crawlers!

loveswildflowers used her colorwork skills to protect a loved one:

carrie-daway sets a great example for all of us in terms of House Pride:

abjoerge is generously protecting their mom from toenail hexes!

What a lovely design, needlediva!

needlesnswiffers knitted their Swallowtail Shawl in FIVE DAYS! Gorgeous.

kmroberton spun and knitted this lovely little merperson a great deflection charm!


I want to give naturallyknitty's skeins a squeeze (hee!)!

Snowqueen73 pops again, with a simple and beautiful sweater.

TheAlexKlein spun an awesome Ke$ha-inspired batt!

Kate1138 dyed and knitted a lovely Legolas kerchief!

CrochetByClare's Invigorating Draught made her dog earn the name of "Journey"!

I could use a skein of CKlein19's sunshine!


The blues and bobbles of akasha111182's beret are forest-y perfection.

The colors of Jajigirl's yarn is something you would expect to find under a fallen log (in the best way possible!).

isisonearth's wristwarmers remind us to respect our humble fungi.

kataish is quite a NQFY if this is any indication!

I have three words for dnatheory's project: HOLY RADISH EARRINGS!

whimsytaylor captured a whole rainbow in the forest, it seems!

History of Magic

I love the crisp colorwork theotheramylee created!

einahpets65, your fish hat will have me smiling all night!

ElfLiberator crafted a vivid tribute to the Sorting Hat:

craftyshanna, that hat and its model are adorable! What a great spokesperson (and spokeshat!) for unity.

theburklepersona made wonderful use of vivid color and striking entrelac:

Bidibid, I don't have anything clever to say, just WOW!

Whew! That was a lot of work, but totally worthwhile. All of your projects keep impressing me, week after week, and it's only the first term! What will I see next week?

Love and scales,


knidancer said...

Oh my gosh! What an amazing collection of projects!! I better really lift my game this month!

Steph said...

Oh my Bob, I made the blog!!!

Amy V. said...

WOW. So much awesomeness!