Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Staff Interview

Good morning today we sit down with.....hmmm....wait the guest chair is empty. 
A production crew member slides into frame, clipboard clutched tightly to his chest, and whispers into Rockinsticks' ear.  As he runs back out of frame Rockinsticks' pulls out her wand, points it at her head and says, "Gemino".  A perfect replica of herself walks around the desk and sits in the guest chair.

Right, today we talk with Rockinsticks who has agreed to a quick interview seeing as the originally scheduled guest for this segment was not originally scheduled.

So, tell us a little bit about yourself outside of the cup?

Thank you Rockinsticks, its a pleasure to be here.  Well, outside of Hogwarts I am a reformed architect married to a muggle and mother of three mountain trolls - figure out those genetics. (Insert laugh track)

When I finished my masters I saw a woman on a bus knitting.  I was so enthralled watching the elegant movement of her hands that I got off a stop early,walked to a craft store and purchased a skein of red heart, a pair of #7s, a how to book, and set off to become charming.  13 years later I'm not necessarily charming, but completely obsessed.

You've got a new segment out there, "Monday Staff Interviews" to replace the "Tuesday Staff Interviews" that you've been known for.  Tell us a little about it.

Well, when I started out on the blog staff I realized my skill is the operation and maintenance of the Cut and Paste Quill.  I've enjoyed contacting staff of the house cup to find out a bit about them.  The cup is so big and so many of us don't really know anything about those outside of our own houses.  I'm hoping to expand coverage to members at large next term if asked to be back on blog staff.

Tell us what form would your patronus take and why?

Good question - a rabbit.  As a previous house rabbit owner I understand that the cute fluffy exterior is just to lure you in close enough so they can stomp, growl and nip at fingers - that's me alright.

Interesting, our final question we ask all our guests is this.  If you could have one charm, potion, or magical object that worked in real life what would it be?

Stupid question - a wand of course. 

The gemino'd Rockinsticks stands, gives Rockinsticks a disgusted look and saunters off stage.

Thank you all for tuning in this week.  The production staff and I assure you we will be better prepared for next Monday.  Have a great day checking for classes.  This is Rockinsticks signing off.

"Hey, wait, someone stop that gemino she's drinking my coffee!"

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