Wednesday, November 3, 2010

House Cup Happenings November 3

Hello, Deputy Headmistress Needlesnswiffers here for this week's installment of House Cup Happenings!

Since our last chat we wrapped up the goings on of October and ushered in November, the last month of our Fall 2010 term. This is it, guys - our last month of classes in 2010! ACK!

Remember - the Quidditch deadline is the end of the day, November 16th!

Also, don't miss the Headmistress Challenge! If you want to knit or crochet for any holiday that occurs in the last two months of the year, there can be quite a few points in it for you. Sfcorgi asks that someone please knit mini-socks for their Thanksgiving turkey.

Wrapping up October, there were quite a few fun projects handed in. In Muggle Studies, Peanutzmom studied The Brady Bunch and creatively talked some squares in as her assignment.

In Transfiguration, Ravenclaw Kethrim made a costume not likely to be forgotten.

Also in Transfiguration, Gryffindor Fuzziekit made a ferret into an owl. I know.

And one more from Transfiguration (!!), Gryffindor Mindysue made a hat for a little witch.

kaitlyn halloween 2010

Ravenclaw Greenheron talked a dishcloth into DADA with its zombie-defeating properties.


Gryffindor Lisakbye made a severed finger chap stick cozy. Ew!

We've had another Behind the Scenes report from the House Cup Secretary, Dnatheory, which brought us much information on dogs and kitty pictures and surgeries and squeezed in there somewhere was relevant information about the innermost thoughts of the Sorting Hat, among other things. Personally, I miss mini-socks.

In November classes, Dnatheory pointed out that PrincessOnica yelled, "Fire!" in the DADA classroom. Want to make something sparkley? Go to History of Magic or Astronomy. Got gifts to make? Go to Potions or Herbology. Charms is all about remembering and Transfiguration is about vanishing. Care of Magical Creatures already made students happy by focusing on socks/foot coverings or things made from fingering weight yarn, and then Professor Anna92 announced that single socks would be accepted. Oh my!

Caretaker Oriocookie completed her NEWT in lion reproduction - congratulations!

Remember, if you see something funny, a great project, or an announcement that should go into House Cup Happenings please PM or earburn me, needlesnswiffers, on Ravelry!

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