Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Monday

With the official Quidditch season over you may be wondering what's with all those rolls of parchment out on the pitch.   Well it seems the Seekers from our four illustrious houses have meet with the coaching staff and established November 26th as the date for the much anticipated Seeker Challenge.  In lieu of the golden snitch the seekers will be chasing their quills down their parchments in order to tell the world what it means to be in their respective houses.

Who will win?  Will it be Lupingirl with her feline like reflexes?  Will SuperM slowly simmer until an outstanding essay bubbles to the surface?  Will Nightrae show her mastry of all things parchment and awe the coaches?  Or will the cunning Linuxchic and Rockinsticks slither in for the win? 

Tune in on November 26th and see if your seeker prevails.  Maybe throw a Seeker Challenge Party complete with snacks.  

This is Rockinsticks signing off.  Seek well my broom bound friends. 

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