Thursday, November 25, 2010

House Cup Happenings November 25

Hello, House Cuppers! It's the day late, not a dollar short edition of House Cup Happenings with your everpresent Deputy Headmistress, Needlesnswiffers reporting.

It was a busy week with Quidditch wrapping up, which also meant that MOVIE 7, PART 1 WAS RELEASED!! Many of you have already seen the movie and many are plotting ways to get to the theater still. I am unfortunately in the second category but as a Hufflepuff I think we all know that I'll get there eventually even if it takes eleventy years to walk there uphill in the snow. In completely unrelated news, I need a babysitter and I can pay in yarn...

Check out the gear!!

Hufflepuff Coribug (on the left):

Gryffindors CaffeinatedKatie and NaturallyKnitty:

Slytherin DevonC brought her Luna Lovegood A-game:

It appears that Slytherin Polcamilla had a run-in with the Sorting Hat:

Slytherin Linuxchic styled as Bellatrix Lestrange:

Ravenclaw Nightrae styled as Bellatrix Lestrange:

LOVE the Dark Mark!!! Uhhh, I mean, um....... no, no I love it.

If you want to talk movie gear, check out this thread.

Back on the homefront, Gryffindor CommaSplice put a lot of effort into her story for Defense Against the Dark Arts in studying Fiendfyre this month:

One of the first recorded instances of FiendFyre was in 1666, when a careless curse caused large portions of the city of London to be destroyed by FiendFyre. Even the Muggles of the time knew this was no ordinary fire. As the famous Muggle diarist, Samuel Pepys, wrote, the fire was “a most horrid malicious bloody flame, not like the fine flame of an ordinary fire.” The FiendFyre burned for four days, and while Muggles attributed the end of the fire to calmed winds and firebreaks, it is reported in the book “The Cursed Fyre of Londonne” by the wizard Phineas Goyle (published in 1671) that several witches and wizards worked a powerful containment spell to stop the FiendFyre. As Goyle wrote, “That cursed Fyre wouldst burn still had those Brave Wizyrds and Witches not stopped its Fiendish Flames. Alice hast ordered mutton for dinner.”

Also in DADA, Gryffindor Starknits made a heat-repelling hat shown in action:

Over in the Headmistress Challenge, Slytherin Rockinsticks magically expanded her party handbag with holiday survival supplies:

A - Handbag magically charmed to hold as much as needed - thank you to Hermione Granger for teaching me this spell.
B - Bottle of scotch in a handknit Jack Skellington “festive” wrap to enable hours with teetotaler family to fly by.
C - Zip lock bag in which to spit whatever beast they have incendioed all moisture from.
D - Earplugs - to raise my endurance for the self important ramblings of my cousin.
E - Yarn - of course.
F - Raw Onion - a little rubbed under the arms and across the tounge will make most conversations blissfully short.
G - Extra long knitting needles - when held just right will prevent anyone from sitting too close and provide elbow room.

In Transfiguration, Slytherin Vox8 made mittens and reducioed them so much that now they are only fit for practicing safe texting.

Also in Transfiguration, Slytherin DrusillaWormwood shrunk an entire cauldron of An Elixir to Induce Euphoria after a day so harrowing as to induce sympathetic protests from this witch.

Ravenclaw Oneneedleknitting discovered that fellow Ravenclaw Brineydeep may or may not have spun a sweater's worth of yarn twenty minutes ago.

Also in the OWLs, Ravenclaw Deedlit had to apply special filters to her camera so that we could see her invisibility cloak in action.

The voting on NEWT badges has ended, and the victor decided! Check out the winning badge design here by Ravenclaw Deedlit.

A very tired looking owl has brought me a note - congratulations to Gryffindor Sobeknofret on successfully defending her PhD thesis on October 29!

I'm celebrating Thanksgiving in my neck of the woods today, and I just want to say that writing this column has been a great way to connect with my favorite parts of the House Cup and I'm thankful for the opportunity to see and highlight the creativity and talent in our group.

And thus ends the longest blog post ever. Remember, if you run across anything good, better, or awesome, please let me, Needlesnswiffers, know!

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